Is The Handshake Really Dead?


My interpretation ni Handshake inazika jubilee, jubilee is dead

Are you really dead?

TMT is an expert party killer…

it was so easy to hand out a d!/( shake…

It’s a jubilee funeral and who’s conducting it?
You are an idiot.

You are slow

Whether jubilee is dead is irrelevant from kenyatta’s perspective. In kenya, political parties are formed and discarded after elections.

Jubilee may be dead but kenyatta’s political life will live beyond 2022 because of the deals and referendum he is crafting with Raira. Thats the point.

He should die with it too

though I dont like Ruto, I am a Jubilee diehard, I believe it will pass the test of time. Hv u ever asked yourselves why almost none of the Jubilee MPs, Sen, Gov. has ever denounced Jubilee or “threatened” to part ways from the party…I remember Ruto keeps on telling the MPs that, it’s only the foolish ones who will leave Jubilee. The kieleweke -tangatanga thing is just superficial and amplified by the media

Hapa kenya parties are not ideological like in the US where you have essentially a 2 party system i.e. Republicans and Democrats. Here parties are just political kingpins and their tribes. They are simply vehicles for achieving power and nothing else.

For example, ODM dies if Raira leaves it. Jubilee is fatally weekened if Uhuru or Ruto jump ship. However, if trump leaves the republican party, it will simply get someone else and continue to be a powerful force in American siasa

Other examples:
NASA died when Raira left.
PNU died when kibaki left office.
KANU is a shell of its former self
URP has essentially died and so has TNA

we have a constitutional review Commission, trading as BBI, for the low iq’s. Mama Ngina knows Ruto’s capabilities, and those insulting him here are fools.