Is that what they were doing?

[SIZE=5]Good question Sir. The voting machines received a “software upgrade” on the night of the election… how and yet they are not connected to the internet???[/SIZE]




Nevada judge agrees to hear deposed evidence @Mzichi @Simiyu22


Nevada mnaweza chukua. Consider it a gift from Biden/Harris:D



Hata kama unalenga…

Irris warriris. You appear so pathetic trying to change things that are beyond you. Kujia free cut kwa kinyozi yangu ya ruaka

Enough of you already.

Suck my rod!


Wazimu Sidney Powell still taking about Hugo Chavez??:D:D
Huyu hata Nosferatu Giuliani alimruka. @patco if you consider this as evidence and you’re hopeful, then i guess you’re sicker than her.

When evidence is presented in open court, like I stated earlier, then and only then will I treat allegations with any iota of merit.

It doesn’t even matter if the evidence is judged sufficient to overturn the results or not… If I find it compelling and matching the magnitude the allegations thrown around… I stand with the facts.

I just can’t, no matter how hard I try, trust allegations only presented in pressers and none in court.

This is long overdue… We need to see the evidence!!!

By Trump not winning this fake, illegal ballot he has won bigly in the hearts and minds of all patriots. Had the deep state declared him the winner I would’ve really questioned whether he’s also a filthy globalist. The more they fight him the more he keeps winning. Trump gave us hope and for that, God bless him and all that he did for Israel. We will never forget this fraud, and will continue exposing their tyranny even to the last day.

Winning in which galaxy? He’s just lost the ultimate one and now carries the rare and dubious title of a one term president who lost the popular vote twice!

Did you even vote this year? In one of the battleground states, where I voted, there were no voting machines (booths) this year compared to prior years because of the pandemic.

It was a paper ballot that you filled out and scanned through the machine as you stood and watched. Therefore there is a paper ballot trail. If there was rigging or fraud it would be easily established. Take it to a judge.

Some of these Rethuglicans are nutcases. The elections are over. Even Orange man has come to that realization.

Every time there’s a audit, Trump still comes out losing. The court has already ruled on inconsequential errors. That’s why Trump has made zero headway. Zilch. He can’t argue on the will of the people. Little clerical errors will not win you the presidency.

Big news eh?
The complaint is kind of a very limited nature, challenging basically the machine used in Clark County," the judge also said.