Is Telegram Down?

My telegram isn’t working, both on phone and on laptop.

Is everyone elses working or have I been pawned?

A quick scan with an on-demand tool, Malware Bytes, brought up these results.

Here are some other tools you can use to save yourself.

If your computer is acting rather slow, know you have been invaded.

  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

  • Kaspersky TDSSKiller - used to be beast, but it was discontinued

  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit

  • ESET Online Scanner

  • Norton Power Eraser

  • Comodo Cleaning Essentials

  • HitmanPro

  • Zemana AntiMalware

  • Malwarebytes

  • AdwCleaner

  • RogueKiller (and then click Portable 64 bits)


Thanks for this,
Are they for free?

Nlidownload Ai tool flani pirated kwa testing pc yangu, sahii desktop iko black.

Nashuku mushaina amesetup mine yake already.

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How secure is Telegram, can the ISP see your raw data that you send and receive?

He must be mining bitcoins with your i7, like drinking water from a firehouse. My laptop kept overhearing and slowing down for some reason. I got suspicious, and lo and behold.

I have tried three in that list, namely Malwarebytes, which is always my go-to, and I added Kapersky and RogueKill. Each has caught what the others missed.

Do thorough scans, too. Whichever is not free can be used in the short term on a trial basis and then removed until the next time you need it again.

Someone came online saying Windows Security has improved to a level that it can go head-to-head with mature antivirus companies like Kaspersky.

Dont fall for that shit.


They say it’s safer than WhatsApp, at least.

Durov, its Russian designer, fled Russia to UAE, which is another one of those paranoid states that conducts pervasive surveillance on all its residents, which means its citizens and foreigners too. It always makes companies give it a backdoor into its systems if it expects to operate from there.

Telegram’s recent monetization also means it’s not as strict security-wise as it once was. It’s also complying more with demands to block and pull down content which means it’s no longer the bastion of privacy and freedome as it once was.

I will give telegram 80%, a considerable drop from, say, 100% where it once was a few years ago.

The long and short of it is that you are pretty safe; don’t make dumb mistakes if you want to be 100% safe. Keep your opsec at 100. If the attacker ever gets a hold of your device, Telegram can’t protect you in such a scenario.

Telegram is one of the few places on the web that puts the privacy of its users first.ISP almost can never intercept triple encrypted traffic(sorry, its not triple encrypted) unless it’s telegram itself giving them access.

If it gets to that point, you must be the top priority target, which I doubt.

Noteworthy Observations

Telegram is a free service, and you can’t trust it 100%, especially now that a comrade from Russia owns it.

A search I did debunked their encryption myth; its only found on secret chat. Its not found on all messages by default. This doesn’t come close to WhatsApp, which, despite being owned by the sleazy jooish boy Zuck, has full end-to-end encryption.

Telegram uses asymetric ecryption where keys are stored in different countires in different jurisdictions so even if one government seizes one server, its useless because it has to seize al the servers scattered accross the globe at once to be able to crack the encryption. The messages are stored on telegram servers for 1 year .

The telegram project is open source, just like Linux which means you can look at the code and point out blunders. This is a double edged sword, bugs are easily discovered and fixed. The owners have such confidence in their product such that they have put $300,000 bug bounty for anyone who can break their service.

Therefore, you are safe from your ISP and the government with Telegram, unless we come under one world government.


Telegram will be back after KCSE

bado watu hutumia hizi vitu… windows 10 na 11 security is enough…

How does Whatsapp notice spasm activity on a user, coz I’ve been caught so many times

Microsoft is not a security company; I can never be convinced otherwise. On the contrary, they are deliberately insecure to accommodate users of all spectrum’s mental capacities. Security- and ease of usability tradeoff

Kaspersky and Co. could have closed the shop a long time ago.

You seen to have diagnosed the problem accurately.

What are they doing, they throttling it?

Whatsapp is end to end encrypted, but that doesn’t mean its 100% opaque.

The companies still have access to metadata which is all they need to feed their probabilistic behavioral models to identity if you are spasming or not.

Things such as last logging time, what number are they using, from which location are you using it from, has any of your recipient marked you as spasm?

One thing that raises their red flags is frequecy of use, try and make your actions on the app look as human as possible. Don’t send 1000 messages back to back to back or use automated tooks that can’t mimic humans like behavior.

On the telegram being down issue, the government might be throttling it as a countermeasure to exam cheating, so use a VPN if you find your app is acting up.

This solved the Connection Issue…

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