Is Sirkali intimidating leaders opposed to BBI?


With the ‘turekebishe kwanza’ group growing by the day over a document whose sponsors say wont be opened, Baba and his brother will surely be left with an egg in the face. Lets see how it pans out

Why would he be under surveillance? For what purpose?? He is too harmless to bother the government. Probably neighbourhood kids fying their drones around.

Posturing has just started, two of them are already claiming that: 2022 elections shall be fireworks if these politicians don’t watch out.

That’s what macho nyanya is exactly doing. And we’ll see soo much of this before the useless referendum

Who is the second?

The second what?

Sorry @Jimit this is the post I was supposed to quote


Dynasties are desperately planning to hold on the power

under the 2010 constitution,once uhuru retires,Raila maybe fails to clinch the presidency,its done.Those families like Moi,Kenyattas,Odingas etc will sweat to clinch a MP seat.To avert that BBI must pass and guarantee their continued stay in politics.How do you expect them to survive without politics?They have no other competitive skills expect GoK tenders and looting.

Reject BBI