Is she worth it - Anadai ksh. 2500

Nimempata pale tagged Anadai 2500 for 2 shots, is she worth it? She says she is ‘the best’ ako located Utawala.

I still don get fpaying this much and you gone use a condom…Either way don pay more than a k…kama ni lazma,hio 2500 unaweza chukua take away from a ka local hot spot with Wifey’s connections as you enjoy your drinks

shimo alichimbisha na pesa ngapi ndio ulipe 2500?

Leo umeamkia maswali ya ujinga nvchieth, jamaa ako na tamaa ya dame haulizangi hizi maswali, nyonga monkey ulale

On the ground she looks skinny. Capital shopping mall utawala.

Hapo umeongea Kama mtu Ako na akili

VE ulilipa 2500
SAD …very SAD!!

Wewe, msee wa gifs, piss off

What was you counter offer?

Ask for more time or services

I have asked for the whole day.

Hakuna madem where you live or why must you pay to have sex?

Truthfully, I find it easy to book women online nowadays. It’s really amazing that I can check a girl’s photos online, negotiate there and pay the agreed amount.

I’ll be sampling different platforms soon too.

what do you think yourself??

catfish, she probably weighs double [ATTACH=full]378345[/ATTACH]

I wish

I wish they had a review system to know kama wenye wame sample approve or not


Learn negotiating strategy. Some of these bimbos are very bad at math and logic. But so are you.

2500 for two shots translates to 1250 a shot. Depending on the woman that isn’t too bad a deal. Minimum utapata per shot is 500. Majority will hover at the range of 1k.

But still try a different strategy. Tell her to give you a rate per hour. You can negotiate 2-3 hours for that 2500.

If that doesn’t work switch to per shot. Tell her you will offer her 1000 or less per shot with the promise that you will go for three or four shots. Remind her that three or four shots at 1000 each translates to more money for her than two shots at 2500.

Lastly if you are on wheels ask to meet at a neutral venue. Mpeleke huko Joska au Kamulu where you can take your time because she will probably have to rely on you to get back to Utawala.

Ukichezea home ground kwake you will always be at a disadvantage.

[SIZE=7]ATI 2500/= ???

This is a really good break down.

Jirani kabisa

Or what you gon do bitch