Is she interested or not

Elders muongee bana am ready to listen pia matusi inakubalika[ATTACH=full]380563[/ATTACH]

unataka upakwe lipstick?
utaambiwa you are like a class rep to me

Ati lipstick

Yeye apake lipstick kunifurahisha

…aargh kumbe hamjuani, ngoja mpatane mjuane alafu leta screenshots za text messages, thats the only way hiki kikao cha wazee can give accurate verdicts.

Not enough data to tell if she is interested or not. From the convo inakaa mshakubaliana kumeet, which is a good sign. I’d say stop with the clowning and go meet asap. Hii kuongea mingi ndio atapata reason not to meet.

With Kenyan women you never know… expect mixed signals which NASA and Interpol have been trying to decode for 347 years and counting

Mgtow cretin atakwambia focus on your self-progress

Dude!? no reasonable woman will take you seriously if you agree to wear lipstick,unless she’s another confused one. She’s already friend zoned you. Secondly, don’t go to her place on your first date even if you just want to plough her. Ktalkers, we should start another group for mentorship

halafu mtu anakuja kuregreat baadaye why i dint do this or that

Zii shes the one putting lipstick to impress me

Just kuwa na mwelekeo. Mimi huona women like straightforward or imposing males. Kama unapenda lipstick. Say when we meet wear red lipstick. Usiulize maswali za kipuzi. And then ukishaamua kumeet wacha the clowning shit meet and then you’ll have something to talk about.

Ukisema Yes to lipstick ujue hupati mizigo aka no kissing.

Its like a chat of two bearded men…

:D:D:D:D:D Kuja pole pole ofisa :D:D:D


Umgemuuliza anavaa panty ya color gani.
Then you will know if she’s interested or not.

Akikutusi Ama akupee blueticks?

naona wengine watasaidika kwa hii thread ata kama hawataki kuadmitt

Then you have your answer.