Is Ruto the poor man's saviour?

He is currently the man to beat in Kenyan politics. Already pocketed the Kamatusa and Gema communities and also growing big in Ukambani, Western, Coast and other major blocs. But will he bring about economic salvation to the people or will he add more woes?

No he will not.

Ruto is just but a poor man’s killer. This Ruto is worse than any president tumepata hii Kenya

None of these politicians are interested in improving the lot of the masses beyond mere statements of intent.

A poor populace is easier to hoodwink and manipulate.

“Poor man saviour” my azz … lakini hizo in shida za ma “hustlers”.Ni hayo tu…

Of course its obvious he is going there for personal selfish interests and nothing to do with the interests of the people.

He is not to blame anyway, you can’t survive in Kenyan politics if you’re not a bad guy. How will you even break through in the first place. You will need to bribe or buy people, or get a helping hand from a more powerful but corrupt guy.

Good leaders know they owe their people. They know these people put me here from nothing. And not like I ‘invested’ billions to reach here and therefore I have to recoup it.

Kenyans have themselves to blame for making it hard for genuinely good leaders to reach the top. Funnily enough though, kenyans seems to like this game despite being a dangerous tribal one and one making them to continue suffer in poverty

Kibaki was a poor man’s saviour. His economic reforms brought cash to the ordinary people

Fools in ukambani are associating themselves with ruto eti ni hustler mwenzao,it saddens my heart that’s y by 2025 ntakua na bona tz .
What good will this nigga bring to us? Misery and we will sink past what moi his mentor sunk us.i better deal with konyangi than this church devil .
I know watu wa liwe liwalo are many but I can bet 10 years from today we won’t laugh at Zimbabwe,I will vote mwalim dinda come 2022 without care whether he wins or not

You do know Konyagi’s mentor was also Moi right?

Yea I am betting on him since he has less than 400 days to go home

Amalize aende, covid billions zinatosha retire

Ruto is the Man who picked Rashid Echesa as a Cabinet Secretary, of all the qualified people from Western.
I guess , that was a sneak peak to his future Government. I see a Kenya full of blue collar crime , if Ruto makes it to the Presidency. Wash wash, kidnapping, land grabbing and the Alcohol menace will be 10 times higher in Central.

Hiding in Church, the devil hides in a place we least expect.

Just say in Kenya

It will be in central. Alcohol and bhang are weapons. Ask China.

Sure, but Kibaki had no philosophy to offer people. That’s why his presidency, while prosperous, is a forgettable one. Uhuru as well. He’s done great considering the circumstances, but he doesn’t know how to sell hopium to the masses. Wsr and his teacher predecessor are experts in politics & propaganda and that’s what Kenyans want. Who on earth is advising Uhuru?? They have failed him.

You will cry tears all jobs and tenders kale will take 99.9% they are more tribal than the shine eye example kplc chumo awarded all tenders to their mondo wa nyumba

I see dim years full of gnashing teeth if this thugs get to the state house ,it’s even better watermelon 100times he is sane

Murkomeno,Oscar ,itumbwi this squadron doesn’t mind of a peasant

Ah, shait, we are dealing with three Moi children who resemble their father completely. Now am sure that that other thug from nyanza amechezwa