Is Ruto the main target of the anticorruption drive?

So read the paper today and there was an interesting article about Ruto’s weston hotel. Apparently he is being questioned about how he aquired it. Ofcourse its all happening at the level of lawyers and he hasnt been summoned.

My question is…

  1. do you guys think kenyatta always planned to renegade on their deal that “if you support me now, 2022 I will be your chief campaigner”. For me it is inconcievable that anybody would dare question Ruto’s lawyers without the consent of kamwana.

  2. what exactly did baba and kamwana agree to? To me I find it inconcievable that baba would have thrown his weight behind uhunye unless he was promised or offered something substantial politically. Baba is already very rich and the idea of “handcheque” only doesnt add up especially at his age. Maybe some money was on the table to sweeten the deal, but money cant have been his primary reason.

  3. why is Ruto and his political corner acting so defensively? You remember Ruto saying that “Walinifukuza kutoka ODM sasa wanataka kunitoa jubileee… hakuuunnnaaaa!”.

  4. Remember kamwanas “kutangatanga” remark? From saying before 2017 that come 2022, he will “pick up the mic” himself and be Ruto’s chief campaigner? There seems to be a rift between the 2.

  5. why has Gideon thrown his weight behind uhunye? Does the kenyatta family feel they owe a debt to the Mois and that they would rather have Gideon in Rift Valley rather than have Manrutz?

Is Ruto headong for the greatest test of his political life? Guys, your thoughts…

Politics aside, the question you should be asking yourself is “Is Ruto corrupt?” if your answer is yes, then why shouldn’t he be questioned?


Bro… our elite is corrupt. Am sure if Haji was let loose on the Kenyatta fortune, am 100% sure some underhand dealings would be found there. Same with baba… in baba’s case, remember miguna’s accusations when they first fell out?

This anticorruption thing is taking a political dimension…

I mean, if Mwilu is being pursued for some 58k she didnt pay as taxes for a plot sijui where, am pretty sure there is something somewhere that has not been paid by the political elite somewhere…

ruto is not making his life easier with his greed… hapo waliona weakness pahali

My point being if he is corrupt then let him be questioned, hao wengine tutawafikia tu.

Renege not renegade

Do you have a low IQ?

How would he know?


Hehe… so in this case who has the low iq? The one asking or the one being asked?


He he he he.

I see it as Ruto wanting to clean and clear himself before 2022. Ikifika fever pitch, his detractors won’t have no dirt on him.

In 2002, no one thought kamwana would ever be president. But look whose in the house on the hill…

I dont really care who occupies that position so long as we can change them every 5 or 10 yrs. Politicians are all the same at the end of the day

@Langat you are right…

lakini napita tu…

The common thinking that Ruto was to support Uhuru in 2013 and 2017, and Uhuru to support him in return(2022) is not the case,
that was to hoodwink the holoi poloi Kalenjins,

Ruto was to pay himself and his cronies in Tenders,kickbacks and other favors… plus they shared slots in the govt almost half-half…

In 2022 Ruto will float his offer to the kikuyu political wheeler dealers, and they may say yes, then the Kikuyu populace will fall for the tricks or not…

I have talked to several Kikuyus, and many of them are very honest, they would rather vote for the Lord Of Poverty than the high-priest of corruption.

Time will tell, but for now, the dynasty boys - Uhuru,gideon, Raila et al seem not to trust this nigger. And truth be said, i prefer the dynasty, Ruto and his thugs are shameless thieves, kama mtu anaweza ona wakulima wa mahindi wakiibiwa mchana, yet ni watu wake…sembuse sisi wengine???

The kikuyus I know can never vote for LoP. You can take that statement as collatel for a loan from the world bank

Call Synovate uache hii sampling ya vilabuni.

Shithole politics is deciding which pile of shit going to rule us next.

“This one is so hard and firm”

“This one is so fresh it is still steaming”

“This one floats…it floats!”