Is Ruto Presidential Material? (12 Marks).

True, apart from after his drunken stupors Uhuru is charismatic and likeable and can articulate himself well, same to Raila who can excite any crowd and speak well.When Ruto speaks, he is mostly trying to repress anger, cover a lie and is very shallow in his arguments like the people who form circles outside City hall and he likes using religion as a basis of arguments, he is also easily irritable and can do irrational things, add that to the fact that he has no charm and is very crooked,having him as president will be a very costly mistake, i have friends in govt who tell me that the guy has monopolized tenders in energy,defense and other ministries,good thing is that when he goes berserk us and his supporters will pay for it

i am not a Raila die hard, so i don’t think of him as better

Can’t agree more

Dedan is a hero. That’s why we have a statue of him in Nairobi downtown

Let him settle scores in the rift valley between him and Gideon moi first before vying

Same to Wangari Maathai and Tom Mboya who are dead

:D:D Raila’s speeches nowdays is full of bitterness and hatred. Ruto meanwhile is someone who’s very jolly and purring with delight. The only time his speeches were full of bitterness was when he was backstabbed by raila. But…he overcame ICC and went on to pummel raila thrice! He has made sure babuon’s foreign masters are now his newfound enemies. Nowdays the US and EU tell him that he can GFH! I know you hate the DP with passion but that counts for nought! Your hate for him only makes him stronger

Can’t wait to see Gideon being endorsed ndio mjue Kenya inawenyewe. You can yap all you want for now

Yes with statues and street after them to boot! Umeona ochuka rd mahali?

If that makes you sleep at night:p

I agree completely.

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