Is Ruto Finally Acting On Corruption Or It's Just For Show?

This entire week Arap Sungoi has been acting like the Late Uncle Maghu. Amekuwa akiwatimua high profile scumbags.

I wish he’d be that tough but he cannot sustain that brutality because he is also tainted. If he has good intentions he’d give up Weston land and announce that anyone with illegally property to give it up within 30 days or risk forfeiture and prison time.

We need a benevolent dictator because Blecks’ craniums are as hard as coconuts

Drama aka sarakasi.

ni jambass mtoza ushuru

It’s a shit show…

More than half of his cabinet would be out if he started acting on corruption…

Global fund ni pesa ya akina Gates…huezi kula pesa yao na muepuke especially if you are busy bootlicking bretton woods institutions. Bill Gates alisema you either take action or else…

Umeamua kupiga watu sweep moto moto :D:D:D

the other half would go down due to rape,drug trafficking,wash wash and murder


I don’t know what’s going on but he should sustain that act on corruption and spread it across all corners government… Then maybe there’s hope

You can’t impress an assimio. When he acts, munasema hii moto itaisha. When he doesn’t act he is too lenient. Meffi nyinyi.

And the Pope converted to Islam. What a time to be alive.

Shit show

sarakasi tu.

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