Is Riggy G O.K?

Si alifika nchini on Sunday kutoka Korombia na Kiumba ndio Tūgegee tuweche kuinuriwo katika mbiachara ya kahua, majani shai and ngAandamia?
Mbona amenyamaza hivyo Wadau?
Is the dude a Okay??

"I was in Colombia marketing coffee and tourism in Kenya. Some of us think in our mother tongue and translate it to English. In Kikuyu land, the tiger and the leopard are one and the same thing, so you’re invited to see our leopards/tigers. "DP Rigathi Gachagua defends his Tiger remarks. :sweat_smile:

This glorified senior shareholder Hustler moron should limit himself to the simple functions that he understands …

  • organizing Muchere na Nyama parties at State Lodges.
  • insulting opponents at Sunday church services.
  • acting as chief MC and praise singer at his bosses functions.
  • driving around aimlessly in 60 vehicle motorcades.
    Ngombe Kabisa …:rage:

Rigathi Gachagua: -Constantly supplying fish instead of teaching a friend how to fish?

Early today, I hosted Maina Muchangi, my friend of close to two decades, for breakfast at home in Mathira, Nyeri County. We met 18 years ago; we agreed that whenever we meet, I must take care of him by giving him something. And since then, I have kept my promise. This morning was one of those moments Promise Kept, and a Happy Maina.

Mdawida Tiki Elijah Kai
Your so-called friend cannot depend on your tips and handouts to live. You can do better buana!

@Riggy_G ni umbwa

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The fool should be ashamed parading a desperate citizen like that for cheap clout …
Ngombe Kabisa …:rage:

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Lakini wardrobe imeimprove kiasi

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So give all Kenyans something nugu hii, because in no time we will all be like Maina Muchangi with empty-headed leaders like you. Have you no shame at all?

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Ruto gave you this guy so that you become occupied with his misdeeds. You forget that the buck stops with him.

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