Is polygamy the answer?

If you rely on anyone for money including your own parents, you will be oppressed. It’s got nothing to do with modern marriage. It’s human nature. The one who holds the purse strings calls the shots.

But divorce is expensive. It’s easier to stay and have separate rooms.

Kindly delete this before real landless urban billionaires wafike.

LOL. If you don’t own any factors of production your wealth is unsustainable. It is unlikely to be multi generational.

The Enigma is actually a PhD finalist in Population Statistics graduating in May next year. I actually study meffi head feminists like you and how their meffi heads can be emancipated into economic freedom. I catch UNFPA consultancies as you catch feelings.

The worst thing any man can do is rely on a woman. Even if he has given her the best life she’ll take the chance to kick him in the nuts the moment he’s down. That’s why MGTOW’s fear women. The men of past generations knew this, so they never allowed themselves to be tied to one woman. When she became toxic company he could always go back to his hut, and if he’s up for doshinastics there was zero dryspell-- he could visit the other wife. Problem solved. Zero opportunity for nagging.

A man should know about expenses before adding his brood. Not for me to deal with. Now what is that Karen has aired about some tenders…she is a new mum and should be resting producing milk. Apana no sharing rooms. Women get v hurt when a man gets a child of wedlock.

Life is long Ma’am. Best not to make such promises to yourself.

Life is what you make it. Not what is written by others and I don’t live by other people’s scripts. Not a conformist at all.

Its a little bit more nuanced than that. Men rely on women even without knowing it. Ask a married man where his socks are or cups are he can’t tell you. I have seen it in widower. Completely clueless as to anything pertaining to the house.

Women can be the same way about their cars and finances if the man was handling that. A relative of mine whose husband passed on, she’s older than my mom, didn’t know how kanjo rates are paid coz the late husband was taking care of it.

Now I grew up with one grandpa and he had a separate house from his one wife. The concept of sleeping in one bed and one room for couples is actually a western concept. It’s unafrican and even unbiblical. In the Bible Abraham, Isaac and others who had one wife still had their own separate tents.

Boundaries in marriage are very important and I think that sleeping together in same bed could be contributing to the high divorce rates because humans need space especially women when they are on their menses should not be sleeping with a man in the same bed. In Bible times they women would go to what was called the red tent which was a safe space for women on their menses. In Judaism a man can not even touch his wife during that period. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Wow. I must own I didn’t think you knew all that. True, men actually do need a room they can think and plan from, or just be quiet–and women need space to gossip, laugh and rant from. It’s stifling to be always together.

Not really because at night you are not going to gossip, laugh and rant or think and plan from rather you rest better when you sleep alone. And women plan and think even more than men. Smooth running of a home and raising children requires ALOT of planning. You are being chauvinistic with your statement bcz men gossip too. ALOT. Men require outlets for life’s pressures just like women. Men also enjoy and benefit health wise from laughter. It’s condescending to say women need a separate room to gossip and rant.

Personally I don’t sleep well if I am sharing a bed with someone. Like if I travel to a town where I have friends I prefer a friend’s place to a hotel but if we must share beds I’d rather sleep on the sofa.

You are contradicting yourself. In African setups women owned nothing. Therefore it was best for them to go to the rich men so that their children could get inheritance. Also women did not inherit anything from their fathers. Nowadays women can own property and get jobs just like men. Your theory can only work if all women quit their jobs and properties and all men can take them.

Hehe, you had to clench your fist; let a challenge pass sometimes. But we know gossip is the preserve of women, talking to their friends on phone, which they should not want to do as we hear. I don’t know which men gossip as a pastime.
I think keeping 2 bedrooms kills closeness, but I think if one can, it’s good to have a study room/guestroom one can sleep in if distance is needed, eg. if one of you catches a cold, or if you argue and feel like removing his transformer in the night :smiley: (Let’s not forget everything depends on one’s resources–majority of town people live most of their lives in small rented houses, so these are luxuries.)
As for comfort, couples can always keep a large bed, so you’ll have no problem if you are the type that travel and roll about in their sleep, so that they fall asleep facing north and wake up facing south east.

…Oh my GAAD!!! you just called a village elder a stupid hedgehog :D:D

:D:D:D the same billionaires who vehemently swear they will never disclose their wealth to their wives lest they get murdered only for their wives to enjoy the wealth in a company of an alpha male…hehehe wamo njiani wanakuja.

But women who are in polygamous relationships like Passaris and wakina Karen Nyamu have careers and properties so what are you talking about? Even Mary Kilobi is married as wife number 4 or 5 and she’s working at KTN. Same to Kiegeis 2 wives who are both in media. Technically their polygamous unions are on track. So I don’t see the correlation between women working and owning property and polygamy. So you are the one contradicting yourself. Some men can offer you more as wife number 4 or 5 than that broke guy to who you are wife number 1. Your working and owning property not withstanding.

Men gossip more than women. Go check who the authors and owners of gossip columns, magazines and blogs are, it’s men.

Men are very competitive and they gossip alot, just check the sex and relationships forum and see for yourself.

I am not given to alot of gossip bcz I don’t see what value it adds to my life. Among my colleagues I find men as more nosey and intrusive than women. I have had to avoid some bcz of the types of questions they ask me about myself and other colleagues. Others want to gossip about rumors like how Ruto screws women in his office and which politicians is doing what. I am forced to just keep off. The worst ones are the ones who want to gossip about their own wives. Somebody starts telling you very private things about his wife. I’m telling you men are the worst gossipers ever. They will even gossip about their own wives.

No, you’ve been spending time with bearded boys.