Is Nissan Sylphy 2014 a reliable car?

Anything I should be worried about Nissan Sylphy?

Jobless former driver wa sylphy mwenye anaishi na mamake @tall mnyama everywhere kuja uambiane


Cvt take is quite fragile

Malaya wewe. Usinitaje taje ovyo.

Vipi fadhela? Unaendeleaje hapo

Not bad only that bushes, mountings will require regular monitoring and changing.

You should touch any Nissan vehicle with a long stick. With the exception of Nissan Hardbody, Urban and Juke.

Mbona kijiji haipendi Nissan? Mimi nimeendesha B15 for several years now and it’s served me well. Regular maintenance and servicing keeps it in good working order.

Nissan sunny series was quite okay. Very much okay. From B12 to B15. They were reliable and cheap to maintain just like Corolla. Problems started from the advent of Wingroad, Advan, and the brands that followed.