Is Negro a bad manager?

What could be the cause? @Sambamba @Ndindu


I think the Negro is doing very well considering that just 150 years he was a slave, 80 years ago he couldnt vote, 60 years ago he couldnt share a classroom with the white folk and 30 years ago he survived extermination by the government in form of addiction to crack cocaine and gang violence.
Shyte, 3 years ago he just overcame police brutality and open massacre!

No other race has achieved what the black race has achieved in the last 200 years.
Let them keep showing us these statistics thinking that they are demoralising us, we shall use them as motivation.

Why do ask an obvious question?

You’ll obviously ignore the US population demographics below. SMH:D. Self hate is just irredeemable.


They wuz kangz

Negros were made nguvu mingi superior, while muzungu is akili mingi

What is all this obsession with race in america? In china all professors are chinese. In Kenya all the professors are black. So?

Hata huko america whites are the majority and make majority of profs.

Nikama ku expect more white professors in African universities.

Your argument is null and void.

Tru dat

When you follow the liberal leftist playbook of taking away God then family from society, you still yearn for grounding of some sort.

That’s why the hold onto fickle skin colour and sexual identity. They then changed it from black american to african american when they realised negros breeding with wazungu’s over several generations makes you not look like a negro. Which had already happened in the past in ancient history.

Now even wazungu looking megan markle and ryan giggs are considered ‘black’