Is Nakumatt On The Verge of Bankruptcy???

I said it here last year, Nakumatt might be the next retail chain to go down. I was in Kampala a few weeks ago and the supermarket store Naalya at Nakawa had shelf’s that were practically empty.



Uliuza store attendants what’s up? Unless for like a month that shelf was always empty sidhani if that’s a sign of bad things

Uliuza store attendants what’s up? Unless for like a month that shelf was always empty sidhani if that’s a sign of bad things

That company always has to deal with negative publicity in one way or the other.

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Whats their problem. Na hakuna watu wako na daily sales poa of the other competitors kama nakumatt.

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Their issue is unwarranted expansion and being anchor client to so many ghost malls.
A client told me the other day that Nakumatt owe them 70m and guess for supply of what? Biscuits.


I noticed pia at Mega there is stuff missing but they cover it up nicely si kama Uchumi. I was at capital centre a few sundays ago but Uchumi is in such a sorry state mpaka you can count the people shopping there. Shopping in Uchumi is like playing karata. Kubahatisha tu.

Perhaps wafunge branches zingine any new mall expect nakumatt there

How such supermarkets stock their wares?

I, (for example), as a manufacturer, introduce a new item in market for end user consumer. I approach Nakumatt/Uchumi to stock my wares at a friendly retail price. Then I source out marketers, for example Milwardbrown, (not sure about the spelling), Milward Brown offers those mfuperspective girls to convince customers about my new product.

NOTE: when I supply this items/wares at the retail stores, I am NOT accountable to any pay for a duration of time, probably 30 days from the date invoiced.

Here comes the problem, my items/wares tend to be first moving as per the mfuperspective convincing bodies and smiles, thus the items run out of stock before the 30 days on the invoice elapse. Nakumatt/Uchumi calls for more supplies and in the end they end up with a pile of unpaid invoices. The money that is supposed to settle down my invoices is pocketed or mismanaged.

I as the supplier fear to supply more items or fail to produce more items/wares because of unpaid debts. I end up withdrawing my item from the shelf’s of Nakumatt/Uchumi.

…and the cycle continues.


Mimi shopping huwa Tuskys. Cheaper and unlimited options

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i bought their crisps; those branded nakumatt, those guys are just thugs. the 30g pack has got only like 10g or less of crisps

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system ya consignment, they operate using your capital

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Hehe. Less people are finding alternative after that last scandal where nakumatt had price tags varying. More people are finding the local shops and mama mboga satisfying.


All supermarkets operate that way. Hat hio Tuskys na Naivas mnajivunia nayo. Zote zina operate kwa mgogo wa suppliers.

The key is to make profit and settle down the suppliers debts.

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There was news a while back about Tuskys and Naivas failing to pay suppliers on time.

Yeah, until you have debts to milk farmers running in the hundreds of millions and they sue you and refuse to supply. Uchumi anyone??

Sijai ingia Uchumi my whole life, hii supermarket hua wapi?

For this big supermarkets to survive they have to start opening small mini marts in the estates.Nearly all the estates you go to you find a mini mart that are seemingly doing well and more and more people are starting to embrace them coz they have everything you need and price is almost similar.Even big international supermarkets (Walmart,Tesco etc)you find they’ve small mini-marts all over their respective countries.


Theft by employees accounts for 40 % of their operation costs. Especially electronics. Those stuff are stolen en mass.


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