Is Mutahi Ngunyi's House Burning A Political Gimmick?

I find it suspiciously coincidental that Mutahi’s house burns down when:

  1. There is about to be an election in Kiambaa (in like 2 days) where we all know of the 2008 Kiambaa Massacare where a church was burnt down with people inside it
  2. Mutahi had just talked about hio massacare pale youtube in a bid to sway the vote
  3. The house burning would be a perfect way to shock people into paying attention to the Kiambaa massacre and may tilt the vote in favour of the anti-Ruto camp

I dont believe in such astonishing coincidences. Also, if it was a random fire, we should hear of some injuries na hio sijaskia.

Hii ni political mischief on the side on Mutahi. Even so, the important thing is that it highlights the dangers of WSR. Ama namna gani my frens?

si mulisema huyo msee ako na matheory mob?
ndio huyo sasa amewapa practicals

I highly doubt kiambaa people know who Mutahi ngunyi is, let alone what happened to his house

So which camp do you support? WSR juu ya kiambaa? Or butcheries in Kibra? Baby Pendo shooting? State your choice and stick with it! I support a fresher as president hapana career politicians since 1800AD

Most kiambaa people and 99% of Kenyans do not know where ngunyi lives, even if you gave them a map and directions.

ni neighbour wa ringtone

Majority of ordinary kiambaa people and Kenyans in general do not even know who Mutahi Ngunyi is leave alone where he resides and whether his house got burnt or not.

Kwani yake ndio ya kwanza kuchomeka?

99.9999% of kiambaa people don’t know rintone

How many houses have you seen burning in runda and leafy surburbs?

Kesho kiambaa ni rehearsal vile tutafinya UDA pale Kwa Debe. Hio ni chama cha wezi.[ATTACH=full]374222[/ATTACH]

3 houses have burnt down along the same road in 3 years. Cpuld be a power surge issue.


In this age of Smart Phones and Internet, stories like these go viral very easily. In any case, its not about his popularity itself, but to bring the issue of the Kiambaa massacre to the fore. These days I see even watchies and mboches with smart phones.


I support the anti-Ruto camp. And btw, Ruto is the real career politician. Immediately after campus, he went into politics and was part of YK92. Hajakua na job hii jamaa

I actually witnessed one burning arnd 2 am in the morning while avoiding Alcoblow cops along bypass

Nimesoma ati he has recorded a statement

When you suspect someone committed a crime against you, you report to the police. Muatahi suspects his house was deliberately burned down and has therefore reported hio maneno kwa polis. Especially now that his enemies were “celebrating” at 2am huko twirra that his house was on fire.

malaya muzee kuma chafu @ranny ali confess Jubilee imechukua kiambaa