Is Matiang'i A Thief?


[SIZE=5]Of course. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]From gold scams to land scandals.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The entire ‘no nonsense’ persona is a facade used to cover up his corruption.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I laugh every time I hear gullible cows commending him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]He should be jailed for 200 years.[/SIZE]


muteso muzee mijinga , unajua maana ya FAGGOTRY ?

It is hard not to be a thief in African govts. You can even be killed for not stealing. Appointments are made to safeguard interests not to promote public good.

Who among our current leaders is not a thief ?

awe ama asiwe, ni vizuri mtu achunge asikule pesa ya umma ajiletee madhara kwa afya yake.

The question is not who is NOT a thief. The question is whether “Msafi kama pamba” Matiangi is a thief. Whether he is using your tax money to educate his children at Rusinga School

Matiangi is a thief, if he wasn’t he would have already sued Itumbi instead of just threatening to do so.

Since Matiangi threatened to sue, Itumbi has repeatedly called him a thief on tweeter and he has remained silent

Thats not an innocent mans behaviour

Who is in Government leadership (County or National) and is not a THIEF? Ponder over this…

The fact he so readily cosies up to washwash is a clear indication he is just another dirtbag

Itumbi being paid by another thief to bring down a thief he should be careful si juzi alikua analia vile amenyeshewa risasi lakini hana evidence.

Not all innocent men are interested in public appeal

Then WHY did he say :

Apologise by Friday or we meet in court, Matiang’i tells Itumbi
NATIONAL | By Brian Okoth | August 11th 2021

Apologise by Friday or we meet in court, Matiang’i tells Itumbi

He got baited into a mud fight, otherwise huyu egg head anasubiri nini ndio adeclassify?


Possibly waiting for the Matiangi thief to sue him since when Matiangi threatened the egghead said “bring it on” and claimed to be ready to demonstrate IN COURT that matiangi is a thief.

All are thieves

Itumbi ni moto wa kuotea mbali.

Matiangi ako tu sawa. Huoni vile alideal na RaiaMkuu na vifaranga zake after 2017 elections.

RaiaMkuu. Swafi kama pamba