Is marriage nowadays just a deathtrap/Stresstrap

Am planning to get married in the next 3 years but what I have heard in the news, experienced in past relationships and even seen from close relatives paints a very no so bright picture. For the married and relationship experts, is it worth it to get married??

Unless you are King Mswati who can do a reed dance every year and marry a new, supple 18yr old, dont do it.

Be like that jaruo who was kenyattas buddy and died recently. Just get kids out there na uwalipie fees etc. But usiowe

It’s your choice and choices have consequences

Am still yet to find someone to convince me that I did a mistake in marrying my love, 10 years and counting and still the love of my life and the woman that I have never regretted being with for the whole of that period.

My friend Mutura-ndom once told me that marriage ni kama choo za kanjo, those who are in want out, those who are out want in. Turns out he wasn’t so wrong after all. Kama huezi ka bachelor wewe oa, but make sure you only marry a woman who respects not the one who loves you. A woman’s love is as ephemeral and short-lived as a donkey’s fart.

Wacha kusumbua watu nenda kale glassiaga na steel wool powder peke yako pole pole.

Why do you want to be married ?

The six million dollar question…


The way feminists are sending their dear husbands down the grave is so saddening…

But the question is why do you want to get married

Breathe, free advice. Don’t get married just yet. Ngojea ufike 50-60 years halafu utafute mtu was kukusindikiza uzeeni.

soma vile @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii amesema

What does feminism have to do with anything? Because it isn’t right for woman to expect respect also?

I didn’t get “companionship” from the woman I married. Luckily, I found someone else who gave me that and more.

Ask any married man how exactly he benefits from his marriage and watch him stammer for a good 2 minutes.

15 years and still happy despite the challenges za wanaume. I don’t regret ever.

Majority of people have gone into marriage without clear understanding of responsibilities that comes with marriage, they even don’t know their wives !

since umesema you are planning to marry in 3yrs,try living with the girl you plan to marry for those 3yrs,you will get the taste of what you are getting into

Cool! Ebu tell these youngins how marriage can be sweet? But only if you marry your best friend.

Haujachoka na kuma moja after kuilegeza miaka kumi ?