Is m7 predicament western engineered?

Is musevenis predicament western engineered of just normal illness that comes with the 7th floor that lala salama stage…covid is such a big term in Africa, it still raise eyebrows because magufuli went that way. Or Is the Uganda deep state complicit of m7 predicament. Tanzania too remember Magufuli was too much on businesses and the business community was not happy…as we prepare for m7 exit let’s remember there is time for everything under the sun time for entry and time for exit…luwere M7 luwere nyasaye akulinde

Nobody is invincible.
We all die at some point
If it’s m7’s time haezi epuka


Hii ni chuma ya kitambo, I bet he will survive this


The moment he attacked LGBTQ, his fate was sealed , hata Mimi Santa clauz dem Pharmacist nafeel nikama Niko na covid23

@PERDITION The west is aware that @Heke hukupiga tarimbo, so you are safe.

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Stale homosexual jokes from a stupid filthy bottom usurper fagget . Get your own handle mbwa hii,eti miguna

Babu wa East Africa usitishwe na hao mashoga tuko nyuma yako.
Illuminati wataka kumanga guka kama vile walifanyia magu.

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