Is Lovi Logomba a False Prophet.

Take heed that no one deceive you. If you have the spirit of God in you,… and are sensitive to it would one wear… a snake skin adorned versace shirt on the pulpit or a shirt with the Medusa logo… and still refer to themselves as a Prophet.
or Like his good friend who talks like a motivation speaker the Oracle Reverend Natasha adorns a tattoo with the word Oracle on her arm.
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

wacha kijana apate dolas. when he was in kenya did you support him, ulinunua ngoma ? wacha maneno yako.

who is he? tangu nizaliwe sijasikia mkenya mwengine anaitwa longomba

Rev Natasha keeps preaching the same sermon, using the same flow and word play… I listen to alot of rap… so its easy for me to decipher her word play and delivery… same flow of words, same topic all the time. you watched one of her teachings you have watched all of them.

He is a Lingala musician. Isn’t he?

Usijali,ulikua mxhanga sana wakati huo. Tunakuelewa kama humjui

Lovi is a Prophet / Miracle man siku hizi …

All the Longombas I know are Lingala musicians

How you so called religious fanatics get blinded by symbologies and not what the leaders make yet some of the believers live beyond the poverty line,is beyond my brain thinking capacity,atleast the sheep shaggers return ‘some’ wealth back to society:D:D

prophet gani, hii ghassia ya dondosa is a failed musician

There was always something fishy about the brothers.

It’s just Versace