Is LAPSSET path a gold mine? Rumuruti for example
Nairobi and Mombasa will be like the step sisters while Lamu and Isiolo will look like Cinderella.
Isiolo I hope haina slams. Jee future president Ruto ana mashamba huko?:D:D
@spear do you know the timeline ya hii kitu?

Most of the land is Community land along the path. Unless of coures, you are buying in the respective towns themselves.For example, for much of the Lamu path, 70% of it is Boni forest which you cannot clear. in Garissa, only at places like Ijara and Garissa town can you invest, same to Isiolo.Around isiolo town is okay, but on the road…Maybe close to the town

Yes in Kenya lands belong to the owners, as it should. Some places lands are being sold. I gave an example of Rumuruti where land is relatively inexpensive. I will try to buy as much as I can. Do you know the timeline?

The railway might take a while but the road will be done in five years or slightly more.

Nikona acre mbili hapo isiolo not far from the army base ! Plan is to build a lodging someday

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How much is an acre going for huko Isiolo?

I think it’s good. I like what is being done

wacha iwe gold mine. itapunguza congestion hapa Nairobi as some opt to seek greener pastures huko

Quick question, how is Rumuruti in any way valuable???Because the LAPSSET road passes through it??
So, why havent all of you invested in Sultan Hamud, Makindu,Mtito Andei and the likes along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway??? Because Rumuruti is no different from them.
Along the entire Lapsset road, maybe only Isiolo is worth investing in as the Government is building amentities there.The town will have something to speak of .
I can see a Nakuru Airport scenario emerging.

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Good point.

Constraction of Resort city is on progress in isiolo. Dam has just completed along waso nyiro which would facilitate water for resorts. Isiolo shall be The big thing!

Kenya is finally going places