The county of Kwale is set to see a significant boost in agriculture, housing, roads development and power generation in 10 years, but this, significant as it is, will not be done by either the national or county government. This is to be done through a 9 trillion shilling project by an engineering and consultancy firm, Shelter Solutions, which is plans to minimise government engagement in management of the project whose value is more than Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product.

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Jubilee development…

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9 trillion!? Kwani ni nini wanajenga,that is an incredible amount of money to use on agriculture and road building

Okay. Ebu start from the beginning juu sikuelewi
Hizi 9Trillion za Zimbabwe zimefanya nini Kwale?

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cc @spear

Just the usual sour grapes from the sad spirits of a neighbouring country. They believe money grows in an outfit called the GoK, and ALL wealth therein can ONLY be well managed by their stammering croaky incoherent tribal madoadoa baiting engima. His long track record of governing Kibera is a sound resume to go by.
Thanks God he is a raiyaa as we speak.

Kwani ni a new Dubai wanataka kujenga ? Are there any plans for it released ?

It’s a 10 billion project, where did you get the 9 trillion from?