I kinda love the fact that John Namu has stated the thing not everyone wants to accept, that the love affair between Ads and Mainstream media has got us this monster today

Githeri media and brown envelope journalism.

Just like a question : who buys newspaper these days ? NMG was adamant on changing their way of doing business by getting stuck on traditional mode of reporting- gazeti. Slowly it’s been regarded redundant and they have to shift to Internet newspaper .

Githeri media is controlled by managing editors and editorial teams aka the brown envelope Don. If you want to sensualize a story/news, create one, create a narrative, settle scores, blackmail, undermine and force a payoff then talk to them. At the right price you will get it.

Ironic that Namu questions the credibility of the Kenyan media considering he played a crucial role in the sensationalist garbage called Jicho Pevu.

It’s been dead. What they do is chase gossip and things that cannot help anybody.
Look at this.
The Lake Turkana Wind Project investors got 150,000 acres of land in Marsabit County to put up 365 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 850 kW. But a little research shows you that a 2-megawatt wind turbine would require only 1.5 acres of land.
So the maximum land the investors should have got would be:
365 turbines X 1.5 acres = 547.5 acres.
If real journalism was awake the government would have been pressed to explain why they’re giving away so much land for only 365 turbines.
Kenya journalism is all about informing us what prison contest that murderer Ruth Kamande won.
Anyways whoever is interested in learning about Wind Turbines can go here


Ideally 1.5 acres would do per turbine but in reality its 150 acres a turbine. They claim they need the reserve land for security and future expansion. LTWP took up 15000 acres not 150000 acres. That’s the whole county. However even for barren, uninhabited lands of Turkana, that’s a lot of land to be leased out. That’s why wind projects are near impossible to implement in Kenya. Meru, Lamu, Kinangop wind projects couldn’t pass the public participation since how do you expect locals to give up that much land for a few hundred turbines!!!

However, our current “journalist” never do research and courtesy call to verify facts unless they are initiating a brown envelope moment.

kinda disappointed in you, the rest of the acreage is a wind corridor to ensure unobstructed access. Ask before shooting.

The wind corridor is a nice to have not a must have,case in point is Ngong wind power

Ngong is on a mountain, LT is on a plain

Leo usiku wash wash services continue

I do not tink it affects Kenya only, it is a global phenomenon.

in that barren wasteland, I’m sure you are dying to plant those eucalyptus trees, so let’s get an additional lease just to be on the safe side. it was open and will probably remain so for a long time.

President Kibaki set a bad precedent with LTWP, he gave all concessions they requested and more. That contract they have is iron clad. We better not disagree. Interesting that former AG Wako was approved it and now today represents them.

It’s actually 150,000 acres leased out to them according to a court case on issue of that land.

I’ve looked at scientific information on turbines from other parts of the world and non of them come close to the land acreage under the LTWP. If you want I can provide the info.

my biggest concern is a funny clause of 14% cost inflation that I heard about. If that is annual then wind power will end up being super expensive.

Okay. I stand corrected. Now let that sink in 150,000 acres.

thr IRONY is yeye talking about the kenyan media being nonsense yet he is being interviewed by gutter press presenters

my bad, apologies