Is Kenya unfair to Kalonzo?

It is easy to guess what the media would be all about if it is Kalonzo who signed some coooperation with Uhuru last week. It is also easy to guess what media commentators would be yapping about. They did this when Kalonzo teamed up with Kibaki in 2008. He did not become a statesman like Raila became last week, but a watermelon, he was not mindful of his legacy like Raila was last week, but a betrayer and an untrustworthy politician.

Now Raila has not betrayed other partners in NASA but he just beat them to clinch a deal with Uhuru, that is what we are being told

Star 26 Oct 2014


Stevo was going to betray Baba the question was when?.. He was just buying time for RAT to bequeath him for free baba’s support base. But as usual stevo is always very late in taking decision. Baba has not forgotten 2007, so he did him a fast one.

He is being unfair to himself…He never makes the right political moves

That’s the problem in dancing another persons tune.
RAT babuon has skipped the NASA summit meeting and scampered off to TZ to frolic with yellow yellows for four days just like he did the last time.

Most politicians on both sidesare watermelons. Shida ya Kalonzo he switched sides during the most critical time of this country…2007

Nobody owes those entitled fools anything.

Do not sympathize with Kalonzo, my Friend! He was advised by the late honourable Nyenze to do it alone and then make deals after elections akakataa. Uhuruto wakamwambia arudi to the jubilee fold which had better prospects for him akawaambia keyno! Alizunguka kila mahali akitukana watu na kuhubiri chuki za kikabila akijua kwamba he was the least suited kuongea matope ya aina hiyo! Sasa wacha akule jeuri yake!

I remember before babuons swearing in Kalonzo warning that dialogue will be held in Kenya when the situation was like that in Somalia.
The chameleon is an idiot.

what are u talking about, Rt Hon.Odinga is in Stone Athi Resort Athi River for the NaSa summit so are the three flower girls.

Kalonzo is just a weakling and spineless. In fact he has gotten more than his fair share of good side of history. Same to those other two western clowns. He lost respect when he sucked dick in 2008. Even Ngilu sucked dick recently and lost it. Ruto has an almost similar problem but at least he isnt spineless.
Kalonzo is short sighted and always falls for simple jobs offered. It is only in 2013 he actually realized he has a voting block to be accountable for; that he is the defacto leader of a particular block. he always though votes just come because he is special or something.


Change of mind, earlier reports had said he was headed to Tanzania and had sent Orengo to Athi.
Maybe Maghufuli has said he doesn’t want to see him.

Elaborate kaka

Kalonzo is tactless and too trusting.

You will know Kalonzo is a weakling everytime he talks. His tone is that of a man afraid and unsure of what he is saying. Then he keeps refering to so and so said, ati Kama vile ndugu yangu weta amesema WTF. and finally, and what I really hate about him is that chuckle he makes, everytime he issues a threat, coz he knows he ain’t sieeet!

I also don’t like his tendency of always trying to prove his mettle and his penchant effort of disproving his doubters. He is always shouting himself hoarse how he is not a watermelon and he doesn’t realise that the more he denies the more he sounds like a watermelon! He ought to employ the watermelon attribute to his advantage and the advantage of his followers.


Kalooser should be his own man instead of always riding under the shadow of other politicians. Kenya is tribal place yet he’s not achieved much despite commanding the 4th largest voting block in the country. Had he gone for the top seat maybe there would have been a run-off and he would have been in a position to bargain with Uhuruto or RAO.

He has no followers, even his people don’t trust him. The same case with Mudavadi