Is Kenya still broke?

Ama handshake ya mabrothers ilisafisha dhambi zetu na kufuta deni?

How’s the canopy, KNH, forced rail freight, Sh7.5b printing errors at MoEd… slate clean ?

Hiyo VAT & fuel levy niaje?

Endelea kufanya arithmetic ya 2022 as if you’ll be on the ballot.

What are you talking about? Was 255 ever broke? Unless you’re talking about polital brokeness!

No Kenya is not broke. We have borrowed to keep insolvency at bay.

Jamiiforums iko hukooo

Uncle please weka coins

We’re Kenyans and everything is now okay since we have been traded. The buyer and the seller just agreed so just relax, a commodity do not have a say

Is no one concerned about that young damsel georgina makena? She hasn’t been around these parts since that handshake. That handshake probably broke her heart to a thousand pieces. usijiumize tafadhali, that’s why it’s known as a dirty game.

And where is ndii? Where are orengo and Muthama? Where is Joho and the kilifi guy?

Kenyan politicians wako na madharau sana. They are so inconsiderate at times.

Kama sasa mtu kama spear akiweka photos of development na raila ako kwa picha…

And you know he can’t photoshop raila’s head with that of a bodyguard coz it will look weird with Uhuru laughing and giving a high five to a stone faced bodyguard next to thwake dam.

Or Orengo standing next to Margaret on the airport tarmac and saying kwa heri to uhuru before he boards the plane… how in the world do you photoshop that?!

And on the question of whether Kenya is still broke, if indeed the handshake is genuine then auditor Ouko can as well swallow a goat. Atanyamaza na ajifanye very busy and unconcerned.

It now makes sense why hardliners relegate and reassign themselves to very far off lands like buffalowings university. Kumbe huwa wanaenda kutolea stress na huko mbali after betrayal in the city. Hata Ndii labda mtamskia adjunct professor University of Honduras. Na wengine watabaki attache at the U.N. headquarters.

Na hoi polloi pale kibera ata accept and move on.

Rat, betrayer extraordinaire since 1997. Green emoji, green emoji, green emoji

Kitui County, mkaa na sand harvesting lazima. Hoi Polloi wa Kibera hao ndio wana-feel uzito. RAO banked on them for mayhem, and mayhem they unleashed.
Mama orange speed yake banaa, hata ka ni visit pale StateHouse.

Green Emoji’s^10

I was in Malindi with my sugar daddy , but am back with a bang. Kama Raila ameamua awe malaya at 73 bas what can we do, we forget him and move on. Aluta Continua because slavery is not the portion of our posterity.

Kenyans ni washenzi sana. Theyre like kids. Analia juu umechukua toy yake, ukilete sweet anasahau alikua analia. Anasahau toy imeendaa. Anasahau effthing. Ati theyre celebrating? WHAT is being celebrated?