Is Kenya Ready for Nuclear Energy?

For a sunny and geothermal-endowed nation like Kenya, nuclear is a bad option. Yet Kenya has plans to generate 1,000 MW to 4,000 MW from nuclear power plants in the near future. There are many problems with any nuclear plans, most crucially the issue of nuclear waste. Power plants generates toxic waste that are stored for generations, and the facilities pose community and environmental risks associated with the potential for catastrophic accidents resulting from a natural disaster. Unfortunately, our lax laws have allowed world powers to dump thier nuclear waste in Africa. Somalia walizika, then kuna unconfirmed reports that kuna hazardous waste huko Chalbi desert (Did anyone notice the rising cancer cases in Marsabit?). The only pros to nuclear power is that it is carbon-free and has the highest capacity factor of any energy source. Globally, the nuclear power industry is in decline-nuclear phase-out in Germany and France is on course. Africa has the potential to lead the world in scaling-up and generating renewable energy. Africa has an almost unlimited potential of solar capacity (10 TW), abundant hydro (350 GW), wind (110 GW), and geothermal energy sources (15 GW). Case in point: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) built on the Blue Nile River is expected to yeild 6,450 MW upon completion. Consequently, Kenya will buy 400 MW of hydropower from Addis Ababa at a fixed tariff of seven US cents (Sh7) per unit( Hapa KPLC huwa wanatucheza). Why can’t we learn from the two major reactor accidents in the history– Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi?

We have no choice but to use this death trap, establishing that plant in Kenya is like setting a nuclear bomb base in Kenya

The cleanest and safest source of energy is nuclear power.
There have been only 2 reported accidents on nuclear power that were caused directly by people.

The rest were caused by natural disasters (act of God)

In that case we won’t mind taking a piece of your ancestral land and converting it into waste storage site. As long as we have choices of safer and renewable energy, why pick nuclear?

They say nuclear is clean but 100% unsafe. They are ticking time bombs. Kenya has no contingency plans to handle an unprecedented nuclear disaster-whether triggered by negligence or natural calamity. Fukushima’s decommissioning will cost Japan 22 trillion yen ($200 billion).

Kenya can manage a nuclear plant?
Kenya gani ?
We are so corrupt. I have said many times that our corruption is killing us. If you put a nuclear plant in Kenya then our corruption will turn Kenya into a radioactive wasteland.

Nuclear is the most regulated industry so even if it were to be, it would not be under kienyeji plans

There’s more than enough wind to outdo several Nuclear plants.

Shida yetu kubwa sio the perils of nuclear waste. Shida yetu kubwa ni siasa zetu.

Behind those controlled legal and security frameworks are employees who work under strict contractual terms in those plants and sent home before their bodies give in to prolonged exposure to high doses of radiation. These challenges are there but classified for public acesss and in place treated to fallacy that nuke power is a savior. I believe South Africa has an operation one by now…let’s wait and see

Akili hatujui kutumia,a nuclear power station ndo tutaweza run kabla tujilipue?