Is Kenya Airways resurrecting?

Jidanganye ununue shares huko. Inaeza kugeuzia kama Eveready by end year.


You are being fattened for slaughter. Next utaskia they need KShs. 50b to stay afloat.

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Nope. Sham numbers. From 5b loss to 10b profit, just doesn’t happen. If so, will they reimburse treasury what they were aided.


Isn’t it being sold to a strategic partner? Ukiuza gari lazima kupanguza ma dent, engine wash, wax, cockpit shine etc


Fake githeri chieth news

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hakuna kitu kama hiyo

Labda dainaste walikua wanakula kq like there is no tomorrow, dainaste Titus naikuni should be mathing this maths for us

No wonder Zakayo alisema 80% of profits from all parastatals should go back to Cabinet, sorry I meant Treasury.

Creative Accounting…?! That’s an abnormal turnaround…

Maybe there is a Shareholder who needed to be paid ASAP…

KQ share price is only at 3.8 KESH. Nataka kurusha 1M apo to gamble with. It can easily get to 30 KESH and then I’ll cash out and leave normies holding the bag :joy:

Operating profit sio profit after tax. They still lost 22 billion in 2023.