Is Kenya a peaceful country?

The simple answer is NO. Kenya is not a peaceful country. Kenya is a country on the edge. There’s a time I saw on TV some resident in Kibera proclaiming that he had no reason to live if Raila was not president. This is just an example of fanaticism and he’s not the only fanatic. There are many more in the Western part of Kenya. Then there are the Coastal people who also for years have felt like the government of the day and others before it have been unjust towards the area. They can’t wait for the lid to blow away so that they can also make their ‘voice’ against transgressions and perceived transgressions heard. Then there are the jobless and the frustrated lot who would really ‘enjoy’ it if the country would fall into anarchy. Finally there are the unwilling participants who will have to join in simply because of geographical location or just getting caught up.
What am I talking about? I’m talking about war. Kenya is a country on edge that is only just surviving because of the lack of arms to the citizens. Imagine if 100,000 nay, 50,000 secessionists were to be armed with assault rifles . They would then use their weapons to get more weapons from the police and finally what we would have would be all out conflict. At the moment the conflict is asymmetrical with all the weaponry at the GoK’s disposal, and only stones for the anti-establishment. We must remember that asymmetric conflict at scale is prelude to all out conflict. I pray that we don’t mistake lack of war for peace and the two political kingpins can sit down and have this country move forward and I mean actual forward movement.

Meanwhile let’s fuck, make love, bang, have sex, screw, fist, lick, kiss, finger, dry fry and do all manner of legal sexual stuff to each other across political, tribal, religious, football and all other forms of divides.

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Pessimism ohhh no stop it


If the answer is NO why the stupidy poll???



That’s my opinion, bruh. Gerrit? No. Then gerrarrahia!

We want to liberate this country but your name already betrays you so I know it is only pretence on your part. We won’t go the secessionist path but we must save this country from criminals.

YES! Kenya is at peace. Wait until the political dust settles then ask this question again.

I may be Merian but that doesn’t mean that I condone the wanton/runaway corruption that I’ve seen the last 5 years led by General WSR. I do not condone the excessive use of force meted out on fellow Kenyans.
That should not however be perceived to mean that I support Raila, Musyoka, Mudavadi or Wetangula. Far from it. Personally I’d have preferred a Karua presidency that’s why I voted for her in 2013.
Having said that I think that the only way to stem the runaway corruption and to make the central government less powerful and therefore less attractive is by committing more resources to the counties. If the devolved units could go home with say, 60% of the national cake then we’d have a less powerful executive and we just might see the end of cries about marginalization.


Watu wamechoka na hii mambo. Tulieni hadi 2022. Even if NASA clinched this thing bado wangeiba.

Upuss saidi

Kenya is calm. At peace, I doubt.

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Kenya is at peace, losers can try their luck 2022. And if they think they can’t wait let them do their worst. Hakuna dialogue on who and how lead this country other than through the ballot box. Na hio sio tafadhali

90% of Kenyans are living in peace. We’re struggling with bills but we’re living in peace
Troubled areas include Lamu, Pokot and huko North Eastern areas

Lack of war doesn’t necessarily mean there is peace…watu hawana amani because hakuna kazi, usalama, mauwaji kuonewa kukosa raslimali etc

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The counties can barely absorb the the amount they are getting now, corruption is rife at county level, yet your suggestion is to give them more money? Right…


It’s not the country… It’s “some people” who neither want to be peaceful or to work… Somehow they think that fighting for an old man to be president is gon’ add them a share of the country (wealth) …
[SIZE=2]Irreducible[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]minimums[/SIZE] :D:D:eek::eek:
Otherwise my country is the best place to be… :slight_smile:


Peace? Is there a civil strife in the country?

(Many "Why’s)

Why not pose a question with balls/cajones,

Why Kenya is such a violent society?

Why is it that when posed with a problem, a violent approach is an alternative in fixing a given problem?

Countries that are actually at war have these issues but multiplied by x100. We are actually a relatively peaceful country.

Ohh poor “kuonewas”
Classic and epic:p:p

Tell that to Mugabe. The supreme power lays with the people. Histroy from arnd the world as proofed this time n time again, even from the most democratic nation we so celebrate.
When the populace start to stand up against oppressive governments n stand their ground like witnessed recently in the political turmoil here in Kenya, you know it’s the beginning of the end of such regimes.