Is Jumia evading Tax!

I bought a phone via, after less than one month the phone was stolen! Mobile phones are taxed (Import duty, VAT). DOES ANYONE GET A RECEIPT FROM JUMIA. Na vile KRA are only stressing me na my small tax problems.

After the theft of my phone, kama kawaida I decided to file pale kwa police station to block it. And, get my police abstract from Police for sim card replacement. First I headed to Safaricon (Worst sim card replacement, afadhali all the competition). I said since the phone has been stolen, I need it tracked: I was then told to go to the Police. Police are surprisingly better at Customer care than Safaricon! But, the police told me I can’t just track numbers hivyo hivyo. I required a receipt with the IMEI.
But, since I was given an invoice by, I therefore emailed (also did an online ticket) requesting for a receipt. After one day, Jumia calls to tell me “We don’t give receipts!”

With many businesses failing to get a profit, I remember talking to someone at my favourite phone shop (Fonexpress) why they are expensive and no longer have choices like before. Kumbe Jumia are undercutting by tax evasion!

Nani ako na simu ya Mr. George Kinoti & Mr. Noordin Haji? This is multi million tax evasion!

Dpp should arrest you too like Madam DCJ. Mbona hukulipa ushuru?

they should have an invoice showing payment of the product,ask them to send an e-copy to you,it’s a legal document showing proof of purchase so it shouldn’t be a task with the cops,unless ni makumbaff


ALL genuine phones come with packaging that contains IMEI and serial number.

Tell us what happened to the carton, warranty card, etc.

The purpose of this thread is something else other than a lost phone

Did they steal the box too?

I had to confirm this from a device I bought last month.


Jumia Marketplace Package note

Second pic reads:
This document is not a sales invoice. It is the seller’s responsibility to issue and provide customer with an invoice. It is the seller’s responsibility to determine whether or not the price of the items sold is subject to VAT, custom duties, fees, and other taxes. It is also the seller’s responsibility to pay VAT, custom duties, fees and other taxes as required by local law.

Sawa. We are addressing the phone because it featured quite prominently.

How convenient for Jumia!

the sellers they are referring to is the vendors who sell on the Jumia Marketplace platform. So the customer has no business paying VAT separately, devices have already being taxed if eligible for taxation.


But look at it this way. If I buy an item from a wholesaler mhindi, he issues me with a VAT receipt/ETR. If I sell that item from my duka, I’m expected to issue another ETR.

Jumia not issuing ETR and further posting “losses” in their books no kubeba KRA waana because from the income tax act "where in computing gains or profits for a year of income any expenditure or loss has been deducted, or a deduction in respect of any reserve or provision to meet any liability has been made, and in a later year of income the whole or part of that expenditure or loss is recovered, or the whole or part of that liability is released, or the retention in whole or in part of that reserve or provision has become unnecessary, then any sum so recovered or released or no longer required as a reserve or provision shall be deemed to be gains or profits of the year of income in which it is recovered or released or no longer required…"

Jumia ni kama grounds za soko. Mwuzaji ndio huitishwa receipt, sio landlord wa hiyo shamba.

the device is already taxed, why should Jumia add 16% again?

Try that logic when KRA agents visit your ka-hardware.

KRA: Where is your ETR machine?
You: I don’t see the need to have one because I already paid VAT when I bought my items.

Well put. It’s simply a platform that links vendors to consumers, nothing else.

Phone = smoke screen

Not really. Jumia is just a marketing platform and a delivery service. They do not purchase or hold any stock therefore this logic does not apply.
When you buy a phone, you have not bought it from Jumia, you have bought it from Merchant Y on Jumia, therefore Jumia is not liable for any damages etc.

So it is very possible to inadvertently buy counterfeits on Jumia?

Precisely. I have tons of fake USB cables especially.

I used to be a big online shopper but now if it is an expensive product, I just search for it on Jumia or Kilimall, check the name of the seller and visit the shop by myself. This allows me to validate the genuinely of the shop for big purchases and also negotiate for discounts. You will always get one from the merchant since they pay a commission of 10-20% to Jumia on the gross sale. For example, I saved slightly over 15k on a fridge.