Georgie Matina Niaje?

How many times r u going to ask this irritating question? Daily? Anyway IGNORE PAP…

No…it is the dark days that are coming back when the jubilee government is in power!..mnataka tufanye?

Isn’t Jubilee just Kanu with a new name? And for that matter isn’t NASA Kanu too ?

Let me explain to you the difference.

Dark Days of Moi - Dictatorship + no development
Bright Days of Uhuru - Dictatorship + Roads + Rail + Energy + Much more…’

Makena, I don’t know how many times we’ll tell you Uhuru is doing exactly what we want him to do.
Big names like dictatorship don’t scare us. We’ve tried Raila’s ‘democracy’ and it has failed.
Now let’s try Magufuli’s or Ethiopia’s dictatorship.

Our economy will not be overtaken by everyone in East Africa as we watch.

NASA has given me a new understanding of why dictatorships are born. some populations need to be oppressed if any progress is to be achieved.
if a certain segment is only good for uprooting railroads and communication masts, then they better expect hard times moving forward.

A coin has two sides, it is possible to ask the question in a different way;

The question to consider IS NOT, if Jubilee is taking us back to Moi days but rather; Are the actions of Raila and company forcing and setting in motion once more, destruction of freedoms identical to those that occurred after the 1982 attempted Coup?. I might make a separate post on this.

if you poke a lion long enough it will turn savage …uhuru akue dikteta

As much as I like you Georgina, ubaya wako ni unakuanga a rumor monger, and you like presenting news in a way that creates despondency. That is not journalism it is called propaganda na unafaa ukome hio tabia.

The sycophant is you, this clip has Jubilee members too so how is it propaganda? You see my friend, this man is even my relative but when Kenya falls to the dogs,he will not protect my family and I, as you saw in Wanjigi debacle, we can not avoid pointing out the ills of the govt, because tupende tusipende the day of reckoning over all this corruption and extrajudicial actions will catch up with us.

Is there no way to achieve their goals without taking draconian measures. The measures are actually promoting dissidency .

Stupid boy…Sasa akiwa dictator how will you benefit? Will that arrest the high ubemployment rate, what about the rampant corruption scandal that rocked his regime in his first term?

no one said a dictator is ok with unemployment or corruption …i just dont like the way uhuru is being bossed around yet yeye ndiyo mboss

Wrong mentality…We are the bosses, he is our servant

“we” in this case does that include the nrm militia?

I am talking about the fabric Kenya…we can discuss the technicalities later

It is possible to lose the battle and win the war. As it is the war is being lost and battle is over.

When one loses so many war and battles, introspection is required. – Why? Know when and how to raise above a situation; To Be The Bigger Person.
Next election if old man Moi runs he will even win, original KANU back, courtesy of fellows in NASA, lack of foresight. You must never erode you gains because they are like the lamp flames you harness to light the next candle.

A time comes when insight is required to know when to stop the fight and to give the Love.

“The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick alongside it”. D.L. Moody