Is It Wrong

Kuna dem nilikuwa nakatia but hakuwa anaimgia box. So nikaingia Facebook, ikaunda fake profile with some fake phots.

The profile himted at being mildly well off bu not too much. Nikaanza kumkatia complete with a spoofed whatsapp contact and all. I qould imply some imtwrest and promise of dates to far flang places.

Time ikafika kumeet, I "accidentally uploaded pictures of me and my “girlfriend.” Anyway, I later “came clean” and broke her heart.

Sasa bado namchat na my real self, namuuliza mbona amenyamaza sana siku hizi. :D:D

Being heartbroken and all akanipea slices na nikaingia karura. Henyway, it was worth it in my book.

A good hekaya but put it in the correct section.

But was it really worth it? I really hope this is fiction. Otherwise kuna shida pahali if you are proud of spending your time in such a manner.

Up your hole with a wooden pole you self righteous cunt

This one must be very idle
Story yenyewe inasound tu uwongo:D:D

…a far fetched fantasy it is.

Too much unnecessary trouble for pussy!
Not worth it according to me

@Micymas tulisema ukisha toka closet hakuna kurudi tena… Hii ni decoy ya kutufumba macho lakini tuko ngangari

Hebu kunia ulale… ghaseer.

You can out as a fagget yesterday so stop confusing elders.

shenzi sana

u should not drive a manual transmission car, ull fry the engine due to spending too much time on first gear. same way uve fried ur time resources on a one pussy pursuit instead ot short shifting urself to the next nyerp

Its yhe thrill of the hunt. Kitu huwezi elewa juu instincts zimekuwa dulled na kushinda kilimani mums

enjoy ur teenage years

umafwi thread

Who goes to all that effort for púthy?
I strongly suggest you leave Karura…it’s not a place for símps like you

How is typing into a screen a lot of effort. WiDi ni free, simu nishanunua. Where is the effort. Ama wewe ni wale hutumia akili kichwa inauma?

Clearly your typing speed is faster than your thinking speed

Some of us have actual creative mimds. Si kama wewe ulicram ukitapika kwa mitihani. Lifw is more than cramming white people texts and vommittimg them to sound intelligent. If you take time to exercise your brains, thwy will get you far