Is it worth it blowing hundreds of sausands on school fees?

Is it worth it breaking ur back to spend thousands of shilling on expensive schools.

What are yr experience on school fees. Im about to start paying fees

Boss na si ulimwaga ndani? Lips fees bila kusumbua elders. Ebu tusafishe mecho.

If you invest in cheap education for your kids now, be ready to pay expensive later during parallel programs.

more details, primary, secondary ama college and what is expensive, can be relative.

all in all expensive is not necessarily better when it comes to education, an institution’s history is worth looking at, and also one has to consider the kids intelligence, be realistic, some people are not gifted academically and its better to invest in areas where the kid has strengths.

200k - 250k per year , St Hannah’s primary

Most parents spend so much in primary and secondary school and forget tertiary which is most important
Start saving for tertiary education

take your kid to a school where he will learn to be assertive and able to express himself in English. izo mambo zengine ni badaye. don’t waste money on school fees. save half that money for the next 18 years, it will help your kid

A good education is the greatest gift you can give your kids.

We know that,but does it have to be expensive that’s the question?

Do Montessori for the foundation. Then CEC then post form 4, IB if they will be studying abroad. Otherwise save your money to help set them up post graduation so that they will not be among the millions of unemployed Kenyan graduates. I think most young parents are not cognizant of how stark the job market is in Kenya. Always begin with the end in mind.

Me thinks, you should take them to a good primary school however expensive it might be. Shule ako guaranteed atatoka na at least 400 marks. With the good marks in primary school atapata a well performing national schools like Kamusinga, Maranda, Mangu, Lenana… Hapa fees iko between 40K and 100K a year. It is almost a sure bet the kid will come out a university material.
So foundation (primary school) ndio Mambo yote

Not necessarily. But nothing good comes cheap while not all that glitters is gold. Do your own due diligence.

Naona akili bado iko 8-4-4. Sasa ni CBC so hizo shule umetaja will be kind of irrelevant unless they invest in other talent based activities like soccer, arts etc na si kusoma alone. But you are not wrong they could also be schools for the academically gifted kids.

you really need to realize that you should invest at least in some middle education for all of that matters anyway for whatever reason. How else you may want to get it simply ? Your kids will not make it possible for you later anyway. How else you will thank them ?

ile ya ngong road, seems like a nice school. I have never been ndani but they seem to have some decent facilities from casual glance - lakini for primary school unless I live near that school I would not stress the kid with long daily school bus commutes.

If you can comfortably afford it, go for it the kid will be well exposed and I think its a decent investment into a kids future. Also remember a school is not just about the fees, you have to be ready to maintain the kids school standard even at home, so if the other kids go for holiday abroad with their families, makes sure you also can, and also ensure you are at the same standard as the majority in that school such that your kid can invite their friends home without feeling psychological torture.

true, aptly put

If you can afford it, private is way better. If not, just look for a good local school. Dont break your back trying to keep up with the joneses.
Also do take some time and teach your kids the importance of hard work, goals, determination, well- roundedness instead of relying on teachers to do so. That way when they flunk from St Hannahs, you have nobody but yourself to blame.

Not a guarantee though

You realize we it’s a case of probability here
In the just released kcse, there are students in Starehe, mangu etc with below c+

This is the most sensible advice yet!
No need to take your kid to a school they will feel inferior to majority of kids.That can surely have a negative effect on the kid and affect their studies.