Is it true very few men have a huge majority of all sex

Kuna some study but ya huko Bidenstan that said 85% of men had only had 4 partners in their lives the other 15 % had over 30. Tupe hekaya if this is true na hakuna kuhesabu whores.

Not true.
We dissaproved this a few years ago when in secondary school. I put that hekaya here.
We would count how many chicks a guy would bang in our dorm…dude with most notches on his bed by end of term…would get special recognition plus an exclusive gift hamper.
Now pretty boys wali concentrate on the beautiful ones obviously…a pretty boy would bang less coz he feels he cant bang an average or straight up ugly girl.
Average & ugly dudes would concentrate and average and ugly girls.
Now without a doubt statisticallg here are more average and ugly girls than there are outright pretty girls.
Now guess who would consistently win the gift hamper term after term after term…guy who concentrated on ugly girls only…average and pretty was a straight up no for him…alikuwa anasema hana time yakukimbizana na warembo.
Boy oh boy…mseh alidinyana MBAIYA.
Ugly girls dont get attention…but ninja mmoja akijitolea…dame hakuwachi…guy sampled some of the best booty in school…but sura alikuwa anavumilia…hata hakuwa anatembea na the girlfriends…never ever…hata saa ya school dance hangeonekana nao…hao walikuwa wa strictly come naked.
Usicheze na mwanaume…yoyote yawezekana.

20% of the dudes get 80% of the women, we know. This is nothing new. Eighty percent chance is that your wife got married to you because she had no other option.

I worked with one lady that was married and told me her true love was her college boyfriend who was not the one she married. She said she would dump her husband tomorrow if that guy gave her the time of day. She still messaged him on Facebook and he doesn’t respond.

Ukikula lanye inacount?

At some point I realized it’s the same thing over and over again, lakini bado kuna mraia wamemaintain high count.


The way it’s easy to get pussy in our modern times, I find it hard to believe that the average man has a body count of 4 women (excluding lanyes).

Labda useme 4 women (excluding lanyes) in 1 year.

You should have cited the study. Hiyo inakaa made-up b.s.

I thought you would say 4 in a month, that would be very close to the truth for an average nairobi man


Mimi niko na 5 concurrent partners different area codes, na by the end of 1-2 years some watakua replaced.

Very true.
Kuna dem mmoja who was in a steady relationship kedo 2 years engaged at the start of year 3…now 4 months into engagement like 2 months away from wedding day…she hollas at an ex…ati lets talk…ex akamwish good luck in her marriage na aka ambia dame hata hakujua the girls getting married…in short guy ali decline politely.
Friends are watching the chick closely counting down to chaos…but honestly so far so good…no kids yet though.

Someone here said that a man’s “happiness” can only be bought. He dared people prove him wrong and I don’t remember anyone challenging him. How much you chose to buy is your choice.

What percentile am I since I’ve only had sex once?

Mimi naona ukweli. In every group there is always a man who constantly has whores and sex stories. The one ata watu huogopa kuintroduce their girlfriends and wives. If you don’t know that person high chance its you.

last year nli bang 70 women

Hatuhesabu malaya

I don’t think the study by the OP stated anything about the man’s looks. I think you misinterpreted the OPs post as “top 15 best looking men get most of the pussy”. That one guy you just described is perhaps part of the 15 percent.

*The study did not specify which men got which girls.

Remember we’re talking about all men here from 18 to 100 years.

Most men who fuack 4 different women (not lanyes) in a month are typically middle-class and between 25 to 40 years.

Bachelors with a good source of income have an advantage.

On the other hand, most married men and wazees recycle the same side chiqs.

But villagers like @uwesmake who kamua anything that moves regardless of age, gender and looks have a higher body count.

I am an average, 30 year old bachelor who works as an assistant Electrical engineer at a government parastatal. I have 3 fairly consistent chics and the rest are just forgettable road kills. By last month I had lost count for this year’s body count.

I read the study kitaaambo on some online magazine…probably mens health or ask men.
The mans looks, physique, finances, personality and outlook were major factors on how much booty you get.
And the guy i just mentioned…i know him better…hes okay but he aint part of the 15% and i can honestly tell you lots of us learned alot about being honest with yourself :smiley: (he took it to a whole new level) and women from this guy.
Alitufungua macho kabisa…he gave us our first red pill lessons.
After studying the guy hata mi nililower standards kiasi and i experienced blissful moments with girls i never expected…although kuna horror stories…but its certainly much more good than bad.