Is It Time To Handover South Africa Back To The Dutch? Is Kenya Just Waiting For A Spark To Ignite The Already Volatile Atmosphere?

The events unfolding down South are heartbreaking. From Prison Breaks where dangerous convicted thugs escaping to massive looting going on in all the major cities. MTU WETU nonsense has finally taken over South Africa. A corrupt politician who has stolen millions of Rands is now being portrayed as a hero.


Nani aliroga Omwafrika?


Hapa Kenya pia ni Spark tu ndio inagojewa

Boers wapewe haki zao. This guy tells it like it is, white man came to South Africa to improve the level of society. Bonobos are regressing back to entropy.

Kenyans hatuna muda wa kuandamana.

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We want the Brits & the Dutch Back. Negro can’t manage Sh!t

the inequality in SA shows this was bound to happen and its justified . there is no way the whites/indians have been looting the country and selling the countries natural resources for decades then use the system to jail a freedom fighter then expect any less.

I like your sence of humor…hahaha satafricans

Let the country burn down. Niliona vile wanauanga na kuchoma mabiashara za fellow african foreigners. Maffi wao

Ntasema mara ngapi Kenya is full of cowards? Kama ata vijana wa NYS wanalalisha makhasia chini nakuwanyorosha manyahunyo … it will remain just that, keyboard warrioring

A double persons akule huzo nyahunyo incuding his wash wash and kidnapping syndicate.

Do you support Africans, Europeans or Chinese. You are one inconsistent fellow