is it time for maragas revisit

the nonsense we are now enduring is part of the long term effects of that numskull ruling last year.
had the supreme court done its job, instead of pushing certain interests, life would surely have totally moved on. not like it has not moved on; but that ruling gave some clowns alot of false hope.
is it time for maraga to see the door?

After Maraga? You are president now, move on now and give us the Kenya you promised us.


Acha maraga acheze chini ni kubaya

Let him be let them be

Huyo mkisii aende nyumbani , feminazi Njoki apewe kiti tuone moshi .

Yes and as early as possible .

Weeks ago while NASA was all over the place saying they are ready to swear Raila in , he was very quiet , did not give his opinion at all on it , whether it was illegal or not . He even dismissed the letter leaked saying judges should stay away from the swearing in BUT BUT BUT just yesterday when it came to Miguna’s issue , the man all over a sudden has a new found voice , talking of how court orders should be followed and there will be consequences !

He is a biased burukenge with agendas open wider than a socialite’s legs when the sponsor comes to refuel .

Where is Maraga and LSK when all of this is happening

Maraga should be shown the door. It was wrong to give CJ security of tenure.

Maraga restored the dignity of kenya. otherwise we were sliding back to Moi eras primitivity. We thank God for his input albeit abit too late. he should have started with his own order asking IEBC to open August 8th server that was not obeyed. Which has led to this shit we are witnessing.

Feminazi ako na court case za forgery and absconding duty at the high court. hawes make.

Enyewe CJ huwa down tu sana. After nullifying the 1st election, the guy said if the second one is stolen he was gonna nullify it to.
When asked about Jakom swearing in, he was all professional, and said he will wait for the matter to be brought before the court for arbitration.
Then you wonder what changed.

Unafikikiria hio shoga @uwesmake inaeza jua kitu kama hio? Effects za kupigwa na bibi.

Swearing in is political. It doesn’t fall in his domain. Court orders do and that is why he spoke.

Wacha kuona vitu kutoka macho ya bias (:D:Dkiswahili manze)

My advice? A presidential commission of enquiry on matters of elections integrity as part of national dialogue and healing. Nasa will be hard pressed not to participate but in essence this will be a trojan house parked right inside the Supreme Court

sasa wewe unongea umefi gani hapa? the above court cases are on going. former CJ Mutunga is a witness. Njoki and Kajwang staged a strike or as they call it, they withdrew their services from supreme court to fight for increase in salary against the laid down procedure at JSC. they absconded duty and presented a fake minutes of JSC meeting. please learn something everyday. don’t be proud of mediocrity.

Uko na shida ya comprehension…Let me leave it at that.

Hapa niko na allergy ya ujinga.

P2 does not cure that…change medication.

ukipigwa chobo kubali

Ni maoni tu, ziendelee kukuja