Is it possible to survive on only meat and fruit?

I feel like these are the only 2 things man was meant to consume. Especially fish and lamb/goat and occasionally beef on special occasions.

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The nilotic,mongolian and native hawaiian cuisine has almost no carbs, when they were put on the American diet they became obese and stupid.

Yes very healthy

And water.

You can survive on meat and water. Your body will actually thank you by not getting sick anymore.

Wacha tusikie gym expert and degree holder @Sambamba Waciuri atasema nini. You know he has a degree. And Xi Jinping loves him, they are buddies.

And again guys let me reiterate lest you forget : @Sambamba has a degree. It is important that you know this information. Guard it with your lives and all that you hold dear.

He was outted as a fraud bado naisha a month later

Yes, very healthy in fact, animal products are very good for you…

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Gym expert gani? Hii jamaa naiweka Tu Left Moja na right uppercut anahara Matumbo alikula Leo eti ni lunch ya Christmas

Meat only, probably not. Unless its fat meat.

Google and read about Rabbit Starvation.

You can actually die within weeks if you ate lean meat only. Hata kama maji iko.

I am a fitness enthusiast lakini Carbs lazima.

Steroids in tow

Yes. You can get all the macro and micro nutrients from that

Meat is nutrient dense. Fats should not phase you

Why do gym buffalo find it necessary kuongeza steroids and supps? Your tyoical luhya is muscled na hajawahi guza such crap

Kula ile inatoshea kwa tumbo. Watu ya mjengo wanakula murram daily na hawasumbui

Raw fatty meat, yes! It’s the best diet! semi cooked meat is also good, this is what nilotes take. you can survive on that alone. Also animal products like milk, cheese,butter instead of blueband, ghee instead of cooking oil, blood are great options. bright coloured shiny fruits ,honey are Good, root based foods eg potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, nduma are good. avoid seed based foods and cereals, leafy greens like spinach and kale, personally I can’t stomach them