Is it possible to jail JSKS and Rigathi after 9/8?

Assuming that Martharao wins, which is highly unlikely. Then they decide to go after Ruto and Rigathi. Si hii Kenya itawaka moto? Be cautious before you open your beaks.

Generally, I pray for the day fools will understand that the .ke political class only appears divided because of political party affiliations. Otherwise they are united as a class of “eaters” and will only go after each other as a totally last resort.

The likelyhood of Ruto over being prosecuted in Kenya is 0.001% unless a mad man like Miguna Miguna makes it to the upper echelons of power. Raila, Martha ticket winning is highly likely. I’d place a small bet on it.

“Yote yawezekana bila Moi.”:meffi:

  1. As @RV Pundit pointed our, these fellas are just alternative sides of the same coin
  2. If there really was tangible evidence against WSR, they could have leaked it from now
  3. Even if they do have evidence, it’s more than likely that WSR also has evidence against them
  4. Supposing such arrests were made, there would be tensions. Public peace is preferred (e.g. RAO swore himself in and nothing happened)
  5. They are rotten to the core on both sides of the divide (even as some would have you believe that they are saints)