Is it possible to have peace/prosperity in African countries with Oil and Minerals?How did Botswana do it?

Central African Republic :Full of Gold and Diamonds yet the country with the largest percentage of their population living in informal settlement schemes (slums) at over 90% in the entire world



South Sudan

Sierra Leone and Angola


That’s because whites can successfully run a country unlike negros.

It’s just due to greed corruption and wars nothing to do with being black or white racist bastard.Also interference by Europe and America.

It’s possible but highly unlikely. Because Africa is full of chiet leaders and chiet voters who given a chance also become chiet self-centered leaders.

The only way to fix Africa is to remove the African. People are sick and tired of neoliberal bullshit we are not all the same and those Africans that are poor and starving would turn around and oppress others if given the chance.
This is how Africans were meant to live

Self hating monkey…There is Botswana…