Is it me ama tuko wengi?

Of late nimechoka na the news from Kenyan media. I find it to be full of negative energy mpaka I have avoided watching it completely. There is nothing worth of learning and eye opening. They focus on matusi such as what Sudi says for 3 days, what Ruto is saying, the BBI rallies and the shenenigan. Even the guys wanaletwa station kina Murkomen Murathe Atwoli Tuji Junet who have nothing important kuongea ila Matusi and shouts.
In fact Alex Chamwada youtube channel is much better than these TV whatever. There are many positive things Kenyans are doing kwa ground on industries farming services technology and whatever and yet you will never see it appear kwa hizi tv. After feeling the negative energy its bringing to my life siku hizi I left TVs na kufuata YouTube sites with development related news and some few social media sites za Kenya for updates. Kenya mainstream media is such a huge disgrace to the country.

No. The Kenyan media is not reporting negative news. It’s you who take politics emotionally, to the heart. The moment you stop taking politics emotionally, you will realise there is nothing wrong with the Kenyan media. Media is always sensational, all over the world. Starting with CNN, Al Jazeera etc. It’s the viewer who must change mindset. As Christiane Amanpour says, the media is not meant to be neutral but to be truthful.

Does it mean it’s politics only that take place in Kenya from January to December? Is there not other important things of technology and human development that can take time of our screens

What you are calling negative talk and matusi is what the people want.
Media are out to make money and they give the people what the people want.
Like @gosh says ni mindset ya masses that needs change

Politics sells in media. I regularly watch international media and the first news items is politics. And how many Kenyans would watch technology stuff? There is a business channel called metropol TV that reports business stuff but it has very little viewership. Wakenya wanapenda hizo news za siasa na ndio media wanawapea.

Sensationalism sells. Leo kwanza itakuwa vile ruto amechapwa na wakisii! Adverts have to be paid bwana.

Love to see it

Niko na TV nane za biz lakini sina ya nyumba for like two years now. Nilichoka na upus. Computer+internet mambo yote.


Langat wewe unaumwa because WSR is under siege from all corners. Kaa ngumu…ama uwache kuona tifii…things are only going to get crazier. Me and my house tunasema Ruto oyeeeeeeeeeee.

Haven’t watched news or local TV for 3 years. No time for half-baked, half-arsed content and reporting

I never watch local news media and am so comfortable with it

The Politicians OWN the media

@langatkipro karibu xvideos.

Politicians use the media to hypnotize wananchi divert their attention away from the issues that actually need to be addressed. They don’t want you to discuss about why the stadiums have not been built or why the laptops never got to schools, the unemployment levels leading to poverty and increased criminal activities, the ever rising rate of inflation, STEALING of public funds ( I insist on the word stealing and not CORRUPTION), the debt crisis plauging the nation, the overwhelming gap between the rich and the poor, slums coming up in every corner, poor health systems, poor education system that makes sure the masses are ill-informed, heavy tax burden especially to the formal sector, drug and alcohol abuse amongst the youth between age 14-35, failing economy due to over importation of goods and lack of local industries etc.

Upussy sells …unajua binadamu wengi wako na low IQ kama ya @digi ama @TrumanCapote thats why a dumb fellow like jalango has more subscribers to his channel than chamwada …and that bimbo pastor Natasha has more subscribers than prophet Owuor…

Si you just try not to think about me for a week? Hauta kufa. And FYI @digi is an international journalist unlike you Mr Bogi Benda.

Tafathali usitutajetaje, debate your issues on the merit of their own two legs.

He he … alafu kidogo hatashika huyo nurse matako alimwe kibare mbaya mbovu.

Sick sheet thru & thru…I don’t bother much. Quite depressing - the plunder of Wanjiku’s resources. Matusi haisumbui…in fact watusiwe burukenge hizo.