Is it legal for Ayimba family to leave kids out of the eulogy&subsequent will?

Second, third and nth wives take note before bwana ya mtu akuzalishe.

Pole sana baby mama’s and their kids, si niliwambia, this guy amewacha Hawa watoto in a very bad position. Please ladies b4 you get excited ati mtu ni celeb juu unamuona kwa tv, and then uzalishwe watoto wawili kwanza Nyaboke was already a single mom of 2 b4 she met Ayemba sasa she’s single mother of 4 and maybe your kids are used to nice life. Woi.

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii what is your take on this situation watoi wako na Haki ama hawana?

Truman umekua ukipasha Ayimba in every post he’s been mentioned. did you know him personally? the needs of em kids precede everything else so they’ll surely gonna be taken care of. Family members ndio waacha drama mob calling em innocent kids bastards on social media

Even first wives can endure the same treatment. Some inlaws wako na ujinga sana

i doubt ayimba had any meaningful investment. Kama ni account balance, watakuwa wametoa yote as they fight for recognition

I don’t know anyone personally who can manage to get 3 women to live in the same house. My concern is the rights of the children as per the law but seeing that he wasn’t even able to pay child support and also his hospital bills, we can assume it’s the government donation his sister and parents are after, I think the house in South C where he was harboring 3 of them when money was flowing is going to the wife in the newspaper.

Surely, how are the Kenyan laws coz they should at least be able to attend the funeral of their father since he was in their lives and was helping them from time to time.

Actually Luos have these types of promiscuous lifestyles and impregnation women all over if they are celeb, my self I come from a religious and disciplined community where most men don’t even remarry if their wives die so I’m trying to understand from a legal point of view what rights the children have bcz what I know is that if anyone can prove depency they can get a cut. I especially pity Nyaboke, who has 4 kids and the guy had made her quit her job to take care of the kids. In my community we are always warned not to cavort with tribes known for polygamy. So honestly I don’t know much but as per Kenyan succession laws, the kids should be catered for.

I also wonder what became of the luo pilot’s wife and her 4 kids whose kiyuks gf had all the titles for all his properties. The bad thing with Kenya is that the law changes depending on what influence you have.

Na si ni wewe ulikuwa unaenda hizo rugby events ku carvort na those tribes hadi ukahairibika kichwa ukaanza kuchukia wanaume

How many kids did this guy have coz I am seeing they were 9,ati 2 wife 1,4wife 2,2wife 3 and 2 wife 4,hata hesabu inanichenga. The world is a very cold place as they’re about to find out thanks to their fun loving parents. If while he was OK, fees were already a bother and rent, what will they do now? One of the sons plays for homeboyz I’ve seen. These kids are too many no wonder inlaws are shunning them. His sister Maureen is also single mom of 4 and he was also supporting her. The family was generally chaotic as most polygamy families, his dad had 4 wives.

Produce the evidence, I have never stepped in any rugby function since I was born, even this their coach I remember seeing him on news coz ako na macho moja mbaya.btw what happened to his eye? Did he get a stroke?

I think by now you know that I can’t attend anything that doesn’t directly benefit me. Even when I was in campus when it was a big deal, my boyfriend would go and I would stay back bcz I fear crowded places coz of stampede.

Well, my wonder is kwani how much are coaches paid in this country, it’s like in Kenya you can’t do sports as a career unless athletics which has short lifespan.

I just feel for the kids. A father makes alot of difference hata kama Hana pesa but kwanza now that people know that the guy is having financial problems they will be deserted by friends and family alike woiye.

And btw @Micymas mimi sinanga shida na wanaume except ktalk men bcz they’re misogynists. Mimi even if we are in a relationship then things go south na kutoka cold turkey, no drama, I just block you every where. I may once or twice staki hii tabia, if you ignore Nita withdraw in a very subtle way bcz sipendi drama. If you meet any of my exe when you are with me, even if I ignore them they will even cross the road to come and greet me. It’s only that niko na temper and once I’m fed up with something I never look back. Anyway, siezi complain that men have done me wrong it’s me who is hypersensitive. Nikikasirika a few times I am out.

Kuna jamaa flani alikua ananitaka he told me he played rugby but it wasn’t paying, ati its for the love of the game, Tena he’s like 15 years younger than me, nikaona hizi ni mashida wacha ni block. He invited me to watch him play nikamshow am having dust allergy unless it’s indoors kama basketball ama wrestling. Mambo ya kiwanja na dust staki nitoke huko nikinywa antihistamines. I have dated a football coach and a player as well but they were doing it part time. I never showed interest in what they were doing. I think these sports men like women who are not wowed by what they do and obstinate. I’m not a fan of sports but I want to go watch Fatima Zarika boxing it’s indoors hakuna dust ya kuleta allergies and organised, no pushing and out of control.

Ayimba didn’t write his own orbituary. The courts will take care of his inheritance.
Playing and coaching local sports doesn’t pay much. The only athletes in Kenya who make a good living are international athletes. Specifically the elite ones. Even the other sports have a short lifespan. A small injury and you are done.

He didn’t have a will. Tuwe tunaambiana ukweli. Hapa kwa kijiji tunaweza kufa ghafla. Wangapi washa andika will?

Ayimba was a weak man na watoto wake watakuwa chokora. A man should have one wife.

A will only make sense if you have a sizeable amount of property/cash with no debt. What’s the net worth of a kijijian. At most a car, some are lucky to have a house. What would a will even cover after paying off the loans in the house.

Hii ni tabia ya watu wa western na nyanza. Watoto, wengi, mabibi na disinheritance. especially watu wa western!

I disagree. Hii kuzalisha ovyo ovyo is rampant in Kenya and across all the tribes. Angalia kule kwa late Nginyo Kariuki wanapigana saa hii. The Koinanges, the Karumes and many other families not in the limelight.
Mwanaume ‘amesoma’ should protect his seed at all costs. A couple should think about the impact of bringing forth a child in this world.

Luos have a problem with overindulgence especially parte after parte which comes with women. My hypothesis is that initially he went all out to woe these women so they thought that he had money, he even gave them benzes. When they saw Maisha London they secured the asset by getting pg in quick succession multiple times. The joke was on them, the man was a liability masquerading as an asset by being liquid to woo them.

Wana ingia Karura no time for respecting seed. Even Mr. Seed himself does not respect his seed. I have only one thing to tell such men.

In terms of stray children, all tribes do it. In terms of multi family, trust me Luos are not the leader of the pack.

Luos generally don’t take marriage seriously. Cavort with them at your own risk.

[SIZE=7]msiba wa kujitakia[/SIZE]… these women should go sort their foolishness na huko mbali. ------------------------>>>>>>>>>>>

when i hear such cr*p on tv i change channels very fast

But why don’t luos ever produce long distance athletes. Michezo tu rough kama ngumi ndio wanatoboa