Is it by coincidence that Kenya's two most humane cops are Muslims?

In a country where Muslims make up less than 20% of the population, the two policemen who stood out for being compassionate, practice that faith. Wasito Ibrahim Abajila and Amina Ramadhan.

Christian cops were busy handing out beatings to all and sundry, including Kenyans who had papers proving they were allowed to offer essential services. What does this tell you about this fake religion (Christianity)? Christians rarely practice what they preach.

I’m being informed that mosques and Hindu temples are organizing relief for the less fortunate. I don’t know how true that is. Meanwhile, what are our millionaire pastors doing? They go quiet the whole week, then appear on Saturday to remind you to tune in to virtual service. During this virtual service, you’re further reminded to keep “tithing”, even if the corona virus has rendered you jobless. Just have faith, things will get better. But tithe first, it’s very important.

Rashid wa Eastleigh? Have you seen him in action?

Muslims make up less than 20%
But account for 100% of all terror attacks

In majority muslim counties, they don’t want non Muslim

And Kenyan cops treat innocent wananchi like terrorists. Police have killed more people during curfew than COVID-19.

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A good person is a good person while a bad one will be bad regardless of his/her religion.

I believe Muslims commit far more violence in the name of religion than any other religious group. Even in rich societies like Saudi Arabia, they behead and crucify other muslims. Am afraid muslims are the kings of intolerance, bigotry and violence.

True, but is it by coincidence that the two cops who stood out for their humanity were both Muslims, even though they ideally represent less than 20% of the police force (assuming their recruitment mirrors national statistics)? The odds don’t favor Muslim cops at all.

Kwani unanyesha, ama uko na mimba? Sasa nikufe juu umeniblock :D:D:D

Yet 2 Muslim cops stood out for their empathy and compassion, while their Christian brethren were busy whipping people and breaking bones.

I am also sure there were a lot of Christian cops who did equally good

There is no denying Christians are bad. However, you cannot claim muslims are any better. As far as am concerned, it would be better for all of us if religion was eradicated completely.

Look at this list of terrorist organizations:

Why is it that about 90% are Islamic based?

Hajj and muhindi guy saved lives while mbogo was modelling.

Nigga, ya’ll need to focus. I’m specifically talking about Kenya. Why does a minority group stand out while the majority are busy treating their own brethren like subhuman pieces of shit? Besides, in the grand scheme of things, deaths caused by terror attacks are a drop in the ocean compared to those caused by illegal wars, such as the Iraqi invasion. It’s only that these attacks are more spectacular, and are over hyped.

Again, who gives the west the right to designate groups as terrorist organizations? The ANC and Mau Mau were once considered terrorist organizations, you know? Heneway, that’s another topic altogether, let’s focus on Kenya!

Those cops were only acting humane because of the presence of cameras. You should meet them in a normal cop day, no cameras, and you with a Toyota hilux without the ‘wide load’ banner. Only then can you realise that this was all acting.

Even the ones who were being savages were doing so in the full glare of cameras. Yaani unajua unakuwa recorded na unatwanga mtu kama burukenge. Just imagine what such a person would do to you in private.

That’s the comment of the day

unajuaje ni wa kristo??. ukiona mtu anaitwa Ibrahim Abajila, Amina Ramadhan, you can be 99% sure huyo ni muislamu.

lakini mtu anaitwa Jasper Ombati, Richard Mathenge, Rono Bunei, Bernard Gicheru, utajuaje huyo ni mkritso? is it their tribe and english names?
they could be non religious for all you know.

you might assume they are christian but kwa ground ukute vitu ni different, because a lot of people who might identify as christian are not really christian, they just say they are for the sake of it and they probably cannot even recite a single bible verse except for the popular ones or ones they learned in school. they don’t even go to church, and only remember prayers and GOD when shit hits the fan.

i was born and raised in a christian family and went to church with them every sunday but i only looked foward to seeing the ghels and never really bothered with the preaching and by the time i was in high school i had completely stopped going to church and my belief in a God slowly evaporated, not that i ever truly believed there’s God anyway. the reality is there’s not too many real christians, most are like me in one way or another but unlike myself they don’t want to keep it real with people and admit they are not christian anymore or have never truly been one as they don’t quite believe in God stuff.

It is because the West call other groups by different names like rebels and freedom fighter. They only label a group terrorist if they are Muslims