Is it a crime in the republic...?

1.To forget to carry your ID?
2.To go out late at night on a simple errand:kununua mkate etc

Went out to buy a bite with flip flops looking all rough and got arrested, had to pay 1k lest I spent the night in a cold cell. Nilifikishwa hadi station from the gates of my house. Tried to reason with them nipande stairs i collect my ID but wapi?! Was literally blackmailed either that ama nilale kwa cement. Am not a bleeding heart social justice warrior so I danced with the system and secured my freedom escaping a more potential lethal case of pneumonia .

I understand in America huwa wana decline to produce their ID if there is no propable cause. Are such laws in place even here?Let’s educate each other on these laws. Post articles and stuff we print this shit out.Or this is a Nazi police country and we have to to wear our kipande by the neck. Where is our freedom? Can’t believe I have managed to remain civil in this post, niko mauchungu sana. Hiyo ni 3 shots with a good quality whore that just went to waste.

The Kipande system was introduced by colonialists mainly to control the movement of Africans. So it was deemed a crime not to have a kipande on you while walking. That’s how stupid laws like “loitering with criminal intent” also came about, like these people can somehow read your mind and determine that you were planning to commit a crime. Anywho, once the home guards inherited the country they realized these laws would serve them well so they were retained.

This is why Fela Kuti (I’ve been watching his documentaries since this thread) said Nigeria was worse than Apartheid South Africa. At least the South Africans had racism as a reason for mistreating Africans, but what excuse does an African government have for mistreating its citizens?

What I’m saying in so many words is: cops are D- materials.

Apo states the only time karao anakuuliza kipande is when you have been stopped for traffic violation. Otherwise mnapitana kwa njia hata bila salamu. Although kitu ikifanyika karao is your best friend na hakuna hongo. Mshahara yao ni poa uliza @luoamerican.

Nowadays makarao kenya siwabaya kama siku za moi… wengi walikuwa wakalenjin d material na kazi ni kitambulisho ama hongo ya finje. Hongo kubwa nimelipa sana kwa makarao ni 150 maisha yangu, but nishalipia friends Hadi 5000 watoke ndani na ni Deni.nowadays 1000 nikidogo @Machinist patia kaisari kilicho chake, najua wewe utoangi tithe kanisa

You ain’t gone through no shit yet!
At least you can say that those were policemen. At least they only demanded for your id card. Watchmen have been, for a century now, demanding for both your id card, your phone number and, as if all that is not bad enough, they also demand to see what is in your bag! Security my foot!

And, the way, kwani hamlali? :D:D

Ati tulale? Ndo ufanye?

Samehea! Hata dude anaenda kununua mkate saa sita usiku! Night owl manenos!

The law keeps changing depending on the policeman you meet and their determination to rob you. Many in the police are thieves in disguise. Meffi kabisa.

Na wewe ulikuwa unatembea late night kwa nini? You should be grateful ulikutana na polisi. What if you met jambazi wakupige risasi?

kuna watu wamekua wakitetea polisi kwa hii group. Mimi nasema ivi, ishi kama mtu utambuliwe kama mtu, until then nobody will ever respect the police. wameacha mbegu mbaya imee katikati Yao. they tolerate their colleagues who abuse innocent citizens daily. they tolerate colleagues who distort justice ju ya bribe. that is why wen calamities come nobody remembers the police. nobody hears the cry of their widows and children. polisi wanafanya waache kuhangaisha watu bure

waliwahi fanyia hivo beste yangu at 8p.m ,20 mins later tunashangaa kwani jamaa ameenda shop wapi and then he called Ati ameshikwa akafikishwa pango police,we had to part with 3k …some cops are very stupid Walai

The ID part: Kenya has an ongoing operation against illegal aliens, please have your ID card at all times and present it at the request of a policeman.
Walking at Night: Unless you are in parts of Lamu and Narok where there is a curfew, you are free to walk in your Crocs. That’s why the police men are patrolling.
Lastly: On behalf of the E- materials pole Sana, but I assure you that, a day is coming when the guys soliciting money from the public via trumped up charges will face the full force of the law. Report the matter to the internal affairs unit.


If that money pained you as you claim, go to the OCS and request him to provide you with the service numbers of the culprits to help you file a formal complaint. You will get your money back in 10 minutes at most.

Hameni kayole

i was going to ask this…halafu apatie polisi kazi mingi ya kuokota maiti.

And you expect the OCS to give him the service numbers of his watu wa mkono?

He won’t but the burgers will refund your money to avoid trouble.

But is there a clause in the law that says one should carry an ID at all times?

I know the one that says one should produce a driving license once a cop demanded it. Failure to produce is has a set penalty.

Masaibu mtu hupata akiwa na sura ngumu.