Is infidelity unavoidable

Going by your numerous posts here you are either very idle or mentally challenged!

You have far more questions in this life than you’ll ever get answers to. Trust me, I know. Been there, done all that. I humbly request you stop the incessant self-questioning, work, eat, drink, and–very important–get some serious shtick, and let the world be. It’s lost already. Things will always roll on and puzzle you outside your own life. Good day.

You must have been cheated on

Aka move out from the rich husband, jamaa akakataa kumfwata , bitterness has made her who she is.

I don’t need any shtick. I don’t. Never have. Not starting now. I don’t see the harm in trying to understand things. It’s actually a sign of intelligence to be curious about things. There’s a book I love called the human animal, it’s brilliant. I love psychology, the social sciences name it. . I love Dr. Todd Grande. His subscribers ask him to analyze psychology mostly about people. Famous people, people who gained notoriety like serial killers.

I don’t know why you are trying to tell me what I should or should not do. The last time I checked we are both adults. God gives free will, why do humans like you want to control how your fellow adults spend their time.

You have been where I am? Where was that exactly? I am not trying to get answers because I have a problem I am trying to figure out. I do this because I am curious and I get joy in trying to decipher stuff, like how you enjoy football, to me it makes no sense to watch the same premier league and teams every season. To me it makes no sense but a few men seem to like it, I know better than to impose what I value on others. The way you are doing to me now. Don’t impose your values on others.

I have downloaded 2 books on criminology and I can’t wait to read them. The ‘self questioning’ you describe is hunger for knowledge. I am not a criminal, don’t know any criminals personally besides the ones I see on TV. I am reading 2 books on criminology because it fascinates me, it doesn’t matter if they’re no pat answers. I just want to hear someone else’s opinion on it especially an authority.

I read drug memoirs. I am no addict. So it’s not self questioning. It’s interest and curiosity which men complain that women are not interested in learning about the world around them. Then you meet one who is naturally curious and enjoys it, you castigated her.

You are not the S.I unit what interests a person should have. I collect tupperware which to many people seems a strange hobby that has no depth but I enjoy it in fact I relish it and that’s all that matters. That I like it. It’s my life remember? So I have vetto power to take up any pass time I fancy. I have no apologies if it rubs you the wrong way. It’s none of your business. My life. My choice. On how to spend time. You are not my dad and even if you were. I’m an adult, so I don’t need your approval to take up whatever I take and I say this with all due respect.

Is the tear and wear unavoidable? That’s my real inquiry to start with.

What’s wrong with being cheated or even doing the cheating on btw? I can assure you, that you have been cheated on and cheated more than me. That’s why this posts rubs you the wrong way. You know my position on cheating. If your husband or wife cheats stop having sex with them bcz you can get AIDS and other incurable sexually transmitted diseases. It’s a free world. If you want monogamy marry a swan. Your wife isn’t cheating on you. She’s just climbing the corporate ladder on her knees and back. Guzzling semen with the same mouth she kisses your children with. Taking one for the team it’s called. That’s a reality of modern relationships. So don’t project your issues on me. Your wives are corporate whores but you think that you are not being cheated on. The number of men whose sperm she’s guzzled would break your ass, I mean heart.

Tell us more, you seem to know more about this situation than I do. And yes I am very bitter. How can I not be bitter when I don’t have to worry about STDS and HIV or that my husband, my man has impregnated the maid or my sister? Come on now, cut me some slack, I have every reason to be bitter, I am not raising any man’s kids while he goes scott free raising other women’s children. I can’t remember the last time I was seriously Madd at someone, spent sleepless nights waiting up for a man who is probably having a good time with another woman. You know my life is so hard and I am so bitter. I mean I can’t sleep at night bcz I am thinking about loans I’ve never taken for a man. Do you know how easy life is when men are out of the picture. It’s too easy, you are free. You know freedom from stress, the only problems you have are problems of other people. Yas. I have plenty of reasons to become what I have become, a very bitter woman LOL. Kwanzaa this is my first Christmas in like 20 years to not go away for the holidays. How bitter do you imagine that makes me. I’m bitter about the bad roads, motor bikes people, Mehn, I am so bitter. Bitter, bitterer, bitterest. LOL.

Mileage? Ask the mileage experts @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii and @MikeOck how they tell who has mileaged extra by playing away games. Me these things I’m green in them.

Hio shimo haina odometer

If their names start with T and end with e basi hapo mileage ni mwenda.

sanasana this one

Okay,it’s proper

Ah we’re just having a lighthearted talk, Truwoman. But if this is true

[SIZE=1]there is a monumental barrier somewhere, but its not my business.[/SIZE]

Its not polite to tell a lady that she needs a phallus. So I take offense. And yes, my barriers are none of your business.

Ok, I didn’t see it that way. Will be nicer to you next time.

I’d appreciate that. Plus it’s now the time of year for peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Not time for sticks LOL.