IS in Mozambique issues threats

Deus Vult

Bonobos as usual happy to be led by the person with the fairest skin.

Umeona mtoi na AK hapo

Ungepeana notice ya graphic mazee.

As the US withdraws from areas east of the Greenwich Meridian, this is going to become more commonplace. saa hii huko Afghanistan women are already bracing for a return to the middle ages. Hapo Taliban wakimaliza ku-overrun the government, they will start instigating for Sharia law spread to surrounding areas. Not long after, spinter groups of Takfir jihadists will start spreading out of the middle east into Africa, Northern Africa first, then Coastal regions of Eastern Africa, and eventually Sub Saharan inland areas. By the time the guns go silent, the whole of that area will be soaked with blood.

Haikuisha. Nilikua nangoja nione panga ikiland. Shait.

Mohhamed is happy when a moslem kills

Niliona akireach for his throat nikazima.

Muslim vermin and cockroaches doing what they know best.

The Fort Nite generation can’t take back Jerusalem

I had braced myself to see the end.
Though I’m kinda relieved that the clip ended in the nick of time.

He a pedo

Huyo ni mtoi au midget?


kagame alituma RDF 1000 huko