Is Ibrahim Traore The Real Deal?

There have been a series of coups in West Africa over the past 4 years or so… I think something like 4. The most recent one being in Niger. However, West Africa, especially the countries of former colonial power (or should I say current Neo-colonial power) France, have always been unstable politically. Almost all of the coups were instigated by France in the past and designed to ensure French hegemony over these countries by putting puppet regimes in power.

However, there have been exceptions like in Burkina Faso where we had Sankara come to power but he himself was deposed in 1988 by Campaore with the agreement of France. This happened after Sankara followed a path which some would describe as well intentioned but naïve.

However, now we are having coups happen and the coup leaders are kicking out France from their countries. Does this signify a fundamental shift in the nature of these coups? Ama will France reassert their dominance? And these coups also appear to have massive support from their countries population like we saw juzi in Niger where when people were called on to sign up to defend the coup the turn out was so massive that the authorities had to suspend the exercise since they didn’t have enough resources to handle the amount of people.

Then we have Ecowas. I am all for ECOWAS stopping unscrupulous generals coming to power through coups, but from my perspective, whats happened in these former west African colonies is more revolutionary than the normal run-of-the-mill coup like in the Gambia where we had Yaya Jammeh trying to cling to power through a coup or Ochuka with his Peoples Redemption Council.

In this context, ECOWAS is blatantly being pushed by France to do its bidding. Sure, they may not want coups in the region but what’s the point of keeping the status quo in countries which are blatantly being exploited by France? France is quite clearly playing on the collective fears of coups by Ecowas to use Ecowas to maintain its hegemony.

In fact, from my perspective, this “independence” charade that Neo-Colonial French territories have been indulging in since the 60s can only be stopped through far-sighted strongmen seizing power. A democracy can can always be manipulated to protect French interests. A strongman can pretty much push a country in the direction they want atleast in the near term especially if they are popular with the people.

Let Ibrahim Traore and the other generals do their thing. He seems like the next Sankara. And I think this time round, France will find it far harder to reverse things like they have been doing since the 60s.

The next few months will be very interesting in West Africa. Lets see what ECOWAS play is going to be.

Here is the man himself and he is only 35… the youngest president in the world currently


Problem with these coups is that they are supported by Russia. Africans should start doing things for their own sake and not using support from people who are only interested in your resources. Russia is playing those regimes and in the end, they will rue the day they let wagner do their bidding for them. CAR is already being stolen from like nonsense.
I like the route Guinea is taking; mine and do value addition within our boundaries or let those minerals stay in the ground until we have a deal. That makes more sense for now.


That’s ecowas for you. Too bad Algeria refused to allow military flights from france to niger over them. Right now war could have been started.


Mobutu and Idi amin were assassinated. You can’t be an obstacle to your former colony and survive.

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But you need to have a friendly major power on side. Countries like Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger etc are among the poorest in the world and have very low capacity to do much. Friendships with countries like Russia and China are needed but they should deal with them on a win-win basis rather than the absurd situation whereby 50% of your national income is deposited in paris.

Even during the struggle for independence, China and the USSR provided alot of assistance to countries in Africa and Asia. These countries didnt have much capacity to do anything much and this assistance was vital to achieve independence. However, these countries aren’t depositing 50% of their incomes in China and Russia.

Whenever I look at France and Britain in the context of their colonial positions in Africa, the Brits left in a smart way. They still have a lot of businesses in their former colonies that brings them buckets of money but they dont go about causing coups or demanding 50% of income be sent to London. They have set themselves up for the long haul. 200years from now they will still be doing business in their former colonies and as these colonies grow economically, so will their income.

Also, former British colonies don’t have the same anti-british sentiment that we see in former french colonies.


Where did you study history bana. Idi Amin lived in peace in Saudi Arabia for several decades. Mobutu moved to Switzerland and died of old age.



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Huyo jamaa ni jinga

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Give him 100 days. If you don’t see any positive change in 100, he will most likely be a failure. And unfortunately the start doesn’t look good. He is involved in showmanship instead of doing actual work. Examples of showmen are: Evans Kidero, first 50 days went firing people making big changes in Nairobi county, then went on the largest looting spree. So did Sonko, do you remember him uncovering graft in this first two weeks, then what.
Another showman was Mutua of Machakos. Remember his highways, while he built hotels with county money.
Another young showman with great hope was Joseph Kabila of Congo. Came in Ati was educated in Kenya will make changes in Congo, lakini wapi.
Governor wa Kisii is another one. Yuko wapi siku hizi.


alikuwa ana angalia matako ya mwalimu


Stick to 150 vitriol bloody idiot!


I agree. One party (Europe) has a jiko, the other (Africa) food and charcoal. Vile iko sa hii ni chakula inapikwa then mwenye jiko scoops all of it, feeds his family and gives leftovers to mwenye makaa and his family in the morning. That’s just unacceptable. New partnerships are necessary if Africa is to make any meaningful progress on the global stage. Otherwise she’s forever exploited. IMF and World Bank will see to it.


The Pact for the Continuation of Colonization. Pure wickedness!! Kwanza ati ni kushukishwa ilishukishwa from 85% to 50%. No wonder West African countries are in such a defeated state. How the hell do you run an economy successfully on just 15% GDP?? France waachane nao tu roho safi.

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If you judge Sankara to have been naive then Traore is naive too

Indirect rule was the master stroke for Britain


Lets see what happens but I doubt he will go on a looting spree. In these french colonies, all one has to do is toe the line and they end up incredibly rich with luxurious lifestyles. If money was his main interest ange “fuata nyayo” ya france.

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Actually, Mobutu died in Morocco and is buried there


Actually the lives those men lived after they were deposed was a steep climb down from their former lives as presidents. It matters not whether they lived in europe. But the typical bonobo mentality is that if you live in europe then you live better than if you live in africa.

Sankara was an idealist.

One thing that stands out with me is the way he handled the situation with Compaore, the guy who pulled off the coup against him. He had been warned by his intelligence that Compaore was planning a coup. They had even come up with a plan to arrest him and just needed the go-ahead from Sankara. Sankara refused and said he will “not be the one to betray”.

Contrast that with Stalin who executed 90% of his generals and over 30,000 of the Army’s officer class when he thought the army was about to move against him. :joy:

Lets see how Traore will move but from his speeches and the lessons from the past, he is quite aware that the French will try to stop him. Only time will tell weather he is naive