Is huge population good or bad?

Whenever the self-hating negros on this platform want to bash and degrade their race, they usually exploit the Africa’s huge population to advance or cement various anti-african theories.

Contrary to their opinion, African needs huge population to develop.

i) Huge population ensures that there is an extensive internal market for goods and services produced locally.

ii) Huge population sparks a scarcity mentality thus promoting productivity.

iii) Huge population ensures that there are many and diverse talents per capita.

…and many more which I won’t mention.

A good case study is my good friends and neighbors, the Kisii people. Within the past one or two decades, the population of the Kisii community grew more rapidly than the available resources (land to be precise). So what happened? The Kisii people became more innovative, enterprising and started looking for economic opportunities elsewhere (Minnesota, Kajiado, Nairobi, Nakuru etc). That is why at the moment, the Kisiis have dominated some sectors of the Kenyan economy.

Conclusion: Huge population is good for the economic growth; however, it must be followed by proper governance.

Africa is under-populated. Repeat after me, Africa is under-populated

Africa is underpopulated. Like someone above said. Just because kisii, some parts of central and a few other areas have a higher population density doesn’t mean we are overpopulated. Travel by road from say Nairobi to Mombasa or Nairobi to Busia… and the same goes for almost every country around us. Huge tracks of land with no one residing there, but near towns there are shanty’s that are crowded

The solution is, we need to disperse

Does scarcity mentality really spur production? I think it spurs unfair competition where people feel they should win a bigger portion of the pie by any means hence corruption.

We should go vertical.

Hasn’t worked in either Nigeria or Ethiopia. If anything, huge populations are breeding grounds for resource conflict especially where there is a complete absence of governance.

This post is fantasist nonsense.

The first thing would be to harness water and stop and start chasing the desert! Most of the abandoned areas are deserts or at the threat of becoming deserts soon. Huge areas of say Ukambani can be very productive if only there was water

In that scenario, there is a need for efficient government institutions to tackle unfair competition and corruption. China has proven that it works through its zero-tolerance to corrupt business practices.

Nigeria will soon become Africa’s superpower, thanks to its population. In fact, its huge market for foreign goods or services gives the Nigerian government a leverage when negotiating with external governments. Did I mention Nigerians’ reputation of being aggressive and desiring to succeed? (Through both legal and illegal means). As for Ethiopia, its economy was growing well, until recently when bad governance messed it up.

Question is do we have proper governance? I think the answer to that is a certain NO.
This lack of governance makes a bigger population problematic. For example look at this years form one placement. How is overcrowded schools honestly good for the country? Just lowers standard of education. And there are many other examples except education.

A wish on population growth of Africa ,case of ,Kenya, then the first thing is to improve food production technology or Malthusian award awaits since population growth is exponential with steady growth of food upto a point where it exhaust food supply. This situation breeds hunger, anger, war ,famine… add corrupt government you find populating Africa is not worth it.

I urge Africans wazaane kabisa mpaka tufike 5 billion .Just look at how under-populated we are with just 1.2 billion people


Kama unafikiria wenye wamedevelop walidevelop sababu ya kuzaana, wewe zaana tu, mwishowe utajua hujui.

100% Africa is underpopulated. Hapa nayo tumesikizana

They forced Twitter to set up an Office in Nigeria and yes in the next 10 years, Nigeria would be one super power because of it’s populati

Ile ndogo tuko nayo cannot even sustain itself,insecurity,poor health and education,wealth gap is as big as the rift valley,incompetent leaders…no,huge population bila pesa kwa kila mtu is a timebomb

So,country gani izae wengi in regards to their surface area? GDP gani itakubali?
You do know that half of that map is a desert? Hio half ingine ni mountainous,semi arid and a jungle.

Quality of life usually reduces with a huge population, expensive land, pollution, congestion in roads, expensive housing
With so many people competing for jobs, wages are usually extremely low, work conditions get really bad, (sweat shops and slave wages in China)
Business gets extremely competitive, profits are so low, to make just enough profit to survive, requires doing so much work

You need to try life in China, when you choose to become an employee, there will be 500 million pple looking for jobs just as you
When you try to start a business, there will be one million people selling the same thing you’re trying to sell

Shida ya Africa ni tunakaliwa na wazungu na hatujui. Until we understand that western power is our enemy and they don’t want Africa to develop we will never reach anywhere.