Is Hollywood becoming too monotonous

I have been watching american movies and it has reached a point where its becoming monotnous. Nothing new.

-Horror movies and series with the same horrific animals and creatures that end up getting killed etc. Others are based on a true story.
-Zombie movies and series i.e walking dead, z nation, fear the walking dead etc…
-Crime dramas and movies where detectives solve a crime and another one and another one to infinity.
-Legal dramas that show legal issues and how to mitigate them with lots of lawyers, witnesses, prisons etc…
-War movies and series that show american soldiers saving the world from terrorists in middle east in arab countries like afghanistan, iran with criminal masterminds being taken down.
-Space travel movies where people go to space or another planet and encounter various space monsters.
-Science fiction movies showing what is usually impossible in real life and non existing high class technology.
-Tv shows and movies that show narcos and how they do business and become rich. Mostly they involve lots of violence, murders, sex etc. They are usually potrayed by blacks and latinos.
-Superhero movies where the superhero saves the world with lots of collateral damage.
-Movies and tv shows that have people with supernatural powers i.e werewolfs, vampires, witches etc…
-Movies about love. How two strangers met fell in love, broke up, made up and fell in love again and lived happily ever after.
-Movies and tv shows where there are homosexual high school kids who dont want to come out of the closet. They can be either gay, lesbian or bisexual. Mostly they are gay.
-Movies and tv shows where we have 14 year old kids experimenting with sex and losing their virginity.
-Slasher films and series where a bunch of people die in horrific and traumatising ways.
-Tv shows and movies depicting historical injustices moreso slavery in the US a few centuries ago.
-Movies about cars. High speed chases, car crashes, drag races you name it. The cars are mostly souped up. These movies dont fail to show women negatively.
-Hospital dramas with nurses and doctors and lots of casualties, injuries, patients, surgeries, diseases and even death.
-Movies where the heroes win all the time and the villains always lose even if they had a tamperproof plan in place.

Basically nowadays in hollywood you are just watching the same shit over and over again packaged differently.

Theres nothing new under the sun.

Summary ikuje chap chap @Kihii Kiaganu

The Last Duel ni ovyo kabisa. Too much CGI

that’s why South korea, Spain, Uk etc are winning in series right now… because they bring a new twist to things even though it’s still not new

watch intellectual stuff. grow up

Usinitoe psych na vile na ngoja kui binge watch na narcos mexico, no time to die as i also finish the americans nikimumunya ka something.

Bado anapika matumbo njogu-inni

kihìì bure kabisa io …hakinanga manners

HollyWood = Netflix == GAiY CRUSADERS

That is @tall mnyama everywhere 27 year old still livng with his mama

The US seems to be sabotaged intentionally

Now you need to get out of the house and your mommas sitting room and act your own movie called life. You’ve watched enough already

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Hollywood movies are very diversed and your perception actually depends on what kind of movies you prefer to watch. For example, Tarantino’s movies are very different from each other and they stand out from the crowd of other different movies. Still, his movies are considered to be Hollywwod ones.
I would say that it is not the problem of Hollywood but the problem of popular movies or movies made to earn the money. They can be quite monotonous because of the fact that the tastes of the crowd don’t change very fast. Quite the same happens worldwide, the economics in making movies is all the same. So, if you get bored with these movies, you can actually watch independent movies.

umezeeka, watch documentaries