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Just a fraction of all the things I find appaling about
this yahweh:
—>God is Racist
—Apparently, Yahweh made us all in his image, so we
should all be equal, right? Wrong!! He made Israelites
his ‘chosen tribe’. So if you ever feel like someone else
is discriminating against you coz of the color of your
skin, physical appearance, religious beliefs, sexual
orientation or just playing favourites, don’t be too mad
at them, they’re just following in god’s footsteps.
—If the story of Ham and his connection to Africans is
true, it means god cursed an entire race for something
one person did. Does that even make sense?
—> God loves chaos, he’s against unity
In the story of the tower of Babel, everyone spoke the
same language. They were so united they wanted to
build one bigass tower reaching the heavens, so they
could all live together in a sort of fraternity, you know?
What happened next? God happened. From Genesis:
But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower
the people were building. The Lord said, “If as one
people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” That, ladies and gentlemen, was the source of chaos on earth.
—> God is a dictator. He doesn’t condone dissent
The bible is full of instances where yahweh killed
people for merely asking very logical questions. For
example, the Israelites, after getting ‘‘freed’’ from
captivity in egypt, had been walking in the desert for
years. Please note that it took them 40 good years to
get to the promised land. From Egypt. Just look at a
map and you’ll see that Israel is RIGHT NEXT to Egypt.
Even if you walked for 1 hour per day, I doubt it’d take
you more than 3 months to get to Egypt. But the
Israelites took 40 YEARS. Does that make sense?
Anyway, some Israelites approached Moses and Aaronand asked, ‘Dudes, kwani hii promised land, tunaendana reverse nini? Si afadhali turudi egypt kwa hizonyahunyo za Pharaoh kushinda kupiga maraundi zawana hapa?’’ God’s reaction? The earth opened up andswallowed all those who were demanding for an
explanation. Plus their families. Moral of the story?
Don’t you dare question the lord your god.
—> God is a sadist
–He enjoyed watching Job suffer, just so Job could
prove he was faithful.
–He made judas fulfill a prophecy (betraying jesus so
he could die for our sins and thereafter resurrect to
prove his power over death/satan). How was judas
thanked? By being made probably the most hated
person in Christianity.
–Why did he tell Adam and eve about the tree in the
middle of Eden? I mean, if he didn’t plan all along for
them to commit sin? Some people have speculated thatthis ‘tree in the middle of Eden’ could refer to sex.
Whatever the case, if god didn’t want them to commit
sin, why tempt them? Just imagine the garden of Eden,with probably millions, if not billions, of trees. Goddecides to take Adam and eve and tells them, ‘‘Mnaonahii mti? Hii hapa? Hii napoint? Si mnaiona? Msijaribukukula matunda ya hii mti sawa? Hata kidogo. Sawa Adam? Eve Umeskia? Tumeelewana? Haya, nimeenda.’’
If you didn’t want them eating it, why put it there in the
first place!!!
—> God is insecure, jealous, petty
–He constantly wants to be reminded he’s loved. If he
doesn’t feel ‘‘loved’’, he throws temper tantrums and
punishes his ‘‘people’’ for ‘‘turning away’’ from him.
–Just look at the way people pray. They have to go on
their knees, beg, sing him praises, make sacrifices,
before god can listen to them. This guy needs to have
his ego regularly massaged.
–In the bible, god clearly states, ‘‘I am a jealous god.’’
Need I say more?
—>God condones incest, rape, and is generally sexist
Before god destroyed sodom and Gomorrah, he sent hisangels in human form to visit Lot. At night, the men,
who apparently were all faggots, came to Lot’s house,
demanding to have sex with the visitors. What does
Lot do? He offers his daughters instead. But the men of sodom insisted that they were not after pussy, they
wanted male butt. So if the men had agreed to rape
Lot’s daughters, what would have happened? Would
god be ok with that trade? And what kind of father (Lot)offers his daughters to be raped instead of strangers he’s met that same day?
Earlier, god revealed to Abraham his intention to
destroy sodom. Abraham, knowing his nephew Lot
lived there, begged god to spare the city. Abraham
asked God to spare the city even if there could be
found as few as ten righteous people
(Genesis 18:32 ). God agreed to spare the city for the
sake of ten righteous people. Apparently, fewer than
tenrighteous were found, since God did destroy the cities,sparing only Lot and his two daughters.
To me, the more important question here is: What the
hell was Lot doing, living in a city with so many
sinners that not even ten righteous ones could be
Later, Lot’s two daughters got their father drunk on
wine, engaged in sexual intercourse with him on two
successive nights, became pregnant,
and eventually gave birth to two sons Moab and
Benammi. Their sons are described as founding the
Moabite and Ammonite nations
—> God is a mass murderer
If god knew he wanted to give canaan to israelites, whynot keep it uninhabited till they arrived? What was thepoint of allowing other people to inhabit canaan just so the Israelites could kill them when they arrived to the’‘promised land’‘? Weren’t these people also created in his image? If he knew Isaac and Ishmael’s
descendants would always be at war, why allow
Ishmael to be born in the first place? Why didn’t he let
Ishmael and his mother die when they were expelled
by Abraham? That could have just solved the whole
‘‘middle east crisis’’ before it even began, right? So
does it mean that god enjoys bloodshed? Is he
currently enjoying all the murder that his ‘‘chosen
tribe’’ Israel is committing in Gaza? Does he get a hard
on watching all those tiny Palestinian babies getting
murdered? Is god and his angels cheering on the idf?
Does it mean satan is on Hamas’ side?
These are weighty questions, I don’t expect to get
satisfactory answers. The standard answer is ‘‘Don’t
question god, son’’. That’s what my mother used to tell


he need to be praised all time. This is something only infants like.


It is amazing how some few humans are opening their minds and discovering what an asshole they call God.

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why would the said infants want this?

A narcissist too.

The standard answer is simple, God does not exist , the bible is a collection of Jewish fables and tales, if you can believe that shit , there a’int nothing in this world you can’t believe


Sorry to say, infants are narcissistic inward looking little people who out of sheer ignorance think that the world is at their service. Infants have an excuse of ignorance and little intelligence.

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[I]God murdered 70,000 Israelites by inflicting them with disease because one man, David, conducted a census

God punished Egypt with 10 plagues, which included murdering all male first-born babies because God had a vendetta against Pharaoh [whose heart was hardened by God so that Pharaoh could not release the Israelites even if he wanted to]

God puts all of mankind to death because of Adam’s sin

Why was Jesus’ death on the cross the ONLY way sins could be forgiven?

Why does the Bible say, “God is love” [1 John 4:8], “love is not jealous” [1 Corinthians 13: 4] and “God is jealous” [Exodus 20:5]? [Deductive reasoning makes it impossible for all three verses to be true simultaneously].

Why did God feel the need to show mankind his love? And why does he need love returned from sinful, wretched mankind?

If God were all-powerful, why wouldn’t he create humans who could appreciate good without having evil to compare it with?

Why did the prophet Isaiah [in Isaiah 7:14], in his foretelling of the birth of Jesus, use the Hebrew word “almah”, which means “young woman” and not use the word “betulah”, which means “virgin”, when describing Jesus’ mother?


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Haya maswali ukiuliza mtu wa JW, anakukodolea macho na anaenda.

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God likes to conceal things, the confusion is as a result of selective information passed on to us. I believe the life we live is a continuation of a saved game from some other place. Some people were generally born to be rewarded while others to be punished. But i personally know practically we are spiritual beings.