Is Gashwin in Russia ?


Murkomen ameenda?

Hii Kenya haki. Yaani pesa ni mingi hadi parliament haijui wafanyie nini.

Huko watakulana ka maumbwa :smiley:

We’ve emboldened these cunts (govt & opposition alike) to do such stuff unquestioned.
Just months ago we were unable to host CHAN due to lack of adequate resources.
How about we started off with that before benchmarking other stuff?
TZ is currently hosting a very successful CECAFA club tourney… Why didn’t they go there?
Thieves deserve death!!!

Mnafaa kuwangoja airport muwarushie mawe na tomatoes like what was done to Brazil team after they lost world cup. Next time they plan to go for such trips they will think twice

HII hippo ni nini inaiisumbuanga.

Unfortunately we can’t do that.
“Watu wao” will say they’re being unfairly targeted.

Omanga going to benchmark sports na anatoshana na ndovu.o_O

Maybe, just maybe… :smiley:

Ya Brazil ilikuwa fake video/news.

They are sampling Russia nunu at my cost how sad

Have seen pictures Omanga is very childish…rushing for photo ops with wazungus…if I were them I would try and sneak in a photo with members of Russian organising committee…or even some FIFA officials.

These people in parliament are quite idle and selfish.

Are the lawmakers expected to transition from representatives of the electorate to organisers’ of international tournaments and events?
Which other country has sent lawmakers to attend the world cup at the expense of Tax payers, not even the hosting nation of 2022, they send over the organising committees, it is they who require the experience on how to host the events.

hii hata haiwezi work, wata ‘beef’ security next time

it doesn’t matter