Is evacuation of Afghans meant to cripple that country?

The western countries are extra generous to the people in Afghanistan that want to immigrate to those countries. US has already evacuated 60k, UK has pledged to take 25k,Canada 20k, Germany 10k. The given reason for these evacuations is to prevent their killing by the new Taliban rulers of Afghanistan. What is not being said is that almost all the evacuated are Afghanistan professionals, teachers, doctors, nurses etc. It helps also that they are almost whites and therefore no pushback by politicians akin to the one displayed to people from either north Africa or latin America who physically look different. The evacuations are meant to derail Afghanistan development. Although Taliban have banned further evacuations, it is too late. In the coming years, more will immigrate to join their family members who have been evacuated because these Iranian-related peoples like immigrating to the west. Training new professionals will take a lot of time.

photo: Afghan twins Asna and Sana who have been successfully evacuated from Afghanistan to the UK with their father Nooragha Hashimi

Walikataa kupanda uganda bound planes

The professionals will go to the western countries then Afgan “hustlers” will go to UG

It’s much better than being beheaded

So Afghanistan credentials will be accepted in Europe? Wanaenda kuosha vyombo na kufagia mabarabara huko.

If governments say accept their qualifications, they will be accepted

Taliban should put a stop to Bidens nonsense, he is taking away your people u govern hewa ama

The bonobo Talibans banned girls from going to school. The able bodied men left wanapatiwa AK 47 wakakuwe cannon fodder. Hiyo country itarapiwa na China kafakin. Ata sisi isipokua ujinga ya kamwana tungeenda kuwa colonise:D:D:D

These are technically europeans. sort of persians. thats why.

These are white people. The superior race that was bestowed with the custody of the planet by the maker